I really wish people would stop misrepresenting London as the rainiest city in the world. We do get to see the sun, a lot more often than you might think, especially now that spring is here. Most people are out celebrating with the inaugural glass of Pimm's. I, on the other hand, am forced to make up for a whole month during which I didn't even open my books, let alone bothered to take any notes. Exams are coming up in less than a couple of weeks and to say I am unprepared would be an understatement. The library is not an option at this point, not only am I sick of it after spending the last two weeks of March locked up in there to write my essays, but the stickiness of student sweat has penetrated every nook and cranny of the place. I've looked up some cafes where I could do some reading instead, and went to Dillon's, which I've seen on my way to work.

The atmosphere is pleasant, there are lots of people working, and it's just busy enough to provide that ideal background buzz for studying. My only complaint would be the few and hard to reach sockets, not very practical when most of your customers basically have more life in their laptops than their sleepless eyes. Big windows to let in the sun, and below average prices, because why else would I drag myself across town. Tea for two was £3 with no extra charge for the soya milk and the food was £4 for the avocado toast and a ridiculous £2.50 for the beans. I still wouldn't be able to afford this every day but oh well. 

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