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Before, I get to my two exciting novels that were published a few years ago, I will introduce myself and tell you something about me.

My name is Kenneth Stalnaker, I'm sixty-five years old born in Arkansas, (lets keep that a serect).

I was an unwanted child from conception which you can read about in my second novel:


Fortunately, I had two super wonderful paternal grandparents who loved me like their own son.

My grandparents were poor people who worked mostly picking cotton, and at any hard labor jobs available to provid a living for the family.

We always enough to eat and, a roof over our head's and grandma made sure we had clean cloths to wear.

I was sent to school, and most importantly in my grandparents home was I, taught to worship the LORD, this was rule number one in their home.

Then, of my own faught I strayed away from this teaching for many years untill a near death experience occurred in my life that would direct me back to the GODLY teaching

I was brought up to believe in.

( Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, a d when he is old he will not depart from it).

This, near death experience is in my first novel. A Father With Custody.

I become a young Marine at the age of eighteen, this however did not last long.

I would serve one year in a county jail at the age of nineteen.

I Married at twenty-one and had four children three girls and a austict boy. (His autism was diagnosed to have been the mother's use of drugs and alcohol).

This, my first marriage ended in the mother abandoning the four children and me after ten years of marriage.

After, the children's mother deserted the marriage I was inspired too write my first novel.

A Father With Custody.

My prayers are that someone reading my life story of a single parent raising their children along will find that through all the tragedies we suffered that you can succeed. (With GOD it would have been much easier).

My youngest daughter has since passed away at the age of thirty-two years since this book. (The pain of losing one of your children never heals).

Ten, years after the children's mother deserted us I married a woman that at the time I believed, when she told me she wanted a lasting relationship. Only through the grace if GOD did the marriage last for thirteen-years when she said, that that she wanted to be free.

This, now is my third marriage. I believe that through constant prayers to GOD HE has at last answered my prayers and found the woman HE desired me to be with.

My wife being Polish we now reside in Sweden.

And, now. I would like to introduce you to the beginning of my two novel's.

A Father With Custody.


If Mother Would Have Loved Me.

My first novel. A Father With Custody.

The actual events in this novel were written about the true story of my four children and myself.

Nineteen-eighty-four. Myself (thirty-two years old). And, my children (three girls, ages (two), (three), (five) and a (seven) year-old austict boy).

A dramatic change occurred in our family in an instant after my wife and the mother of these children abandoned them in the middle of the night without even saying a good-bye.

She seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth. It would be fifteen years before she would make her first contact with her children, since her desertion. After she abandoned us, our lives took a turn for the worse. We where homeless, cold, hungry and rejected by our own family who turned us away putting us out onto the cold winter streets.

We were brutally terrorized by neighbors.

Threats on the children's lives to hang them in a nearby Forrest area.

We walked five miles across snow-packed roads and through freezing temperatures to buy groceries as well as a late night walks to a hospital when one of the children would become ill. After fives years of struggling without any help; my fight to raise the children wirhout the help from any of my family abd the fight with alcoholism the story ends with my being separated from all four children after the child protective services removed the children and placed them in foster homes. You will need the tissue box close by as you read this moving story..

My second book.

"If Mother Would Have Loved Me".

Wow. This book is a real tear jerking.

This story begins at the eighth week of pregnancy, when a baby develops all of its vital organs. The baby in this story seems to be telling the story of the mother's hate that she is pregnant with him from the womb of the mother. This hate would continue throughout the nine months of pregnancy and would follow throughout the child's life; even through the adult life, the mother would have no love for this child she gave birth to.

This baby, is me. I was born being hated. Had it not been for the love of two grandparents who worked hard in the cotton fields to put food on the table and clothes on me, I would have had a life much tougher than what it was. These two God-loving, God-fearing people took me in after my birth mother wanted nothing to do with me. Despite the love and GODLY teaching I was raised with, I strayed away from their rule, until later in my life, when I would return to the Godly rule I was taught. The story of. If Mother Would Have Loved Me will excite, thrill and touch your heart.

Fortunately, this growing life would come to have the parental grandparents take the young baby too love and raise it as their own.

The story will change into the most adventurous reading you have ever read.

This one tops old Huckleberry Finn.

You are going to enjoy these two books

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From the Novel...

"A Father With Custody".


Chapter Three.


After, we had been asked to leave my in-laws home this would be the first of many homeless times we would experience.

We had walked about three miles to the interstate when a big black shinny car pulled to the shoulder of the highway.

A big man of around 6'6" tall and about 250lbs walked towards the back of his car.

He spoke with a deep voice and said get in the car!

As we speeded off and shortly afterwards we exiteded the interstate highway, we then drove to a non-residential area.

This was the first time I had felt the fear for our lives.

I imagined he was going to murder the five of us.

Please read A Father With Custody.

Just imagine yourself a thirty-two year old dad or mom having the spouse abadond you and four small babies. Two, three, five and seven, and to never return?

Imagine being homeless, cold turned out into the streets by family with four small children

Imagine your lives being threatened contunualy.

This first book A Father With Custody.

Please this pass along too your friends.

A Father With Custody



Being sick is never fun. Being alcohol sick is likely the worst.

I was sick to the point of praying t8o die.

I told GOD to either heal me or kill me.

It was then, when it happen.

My spirit left my body, I could see my lifeless shell laying there.

It was in an instant that my spirit entered this place I call hell.

I was completely surrounded by fire.

The smell of death was horrible,

The screaming from all the souls that was there was indescribable.

I could hear a hideous laugher I assume it was the devil himself.

Please read the book to see what happened..

Thank you.

   In 2016, I was diagnosed here in Sweden to have espionage cancer and it was most imperative that U have an eight hour ooeration to remove more than half of my stomach and nearly all of my espionage. 

Later had eight other operations from complications from the first operation .

Then, I was told they made a mistake and that the operation was indeed unnecessary that the pathologist was reading

someone else reports.

January 24th clasped lung . Back In the hospital for four day's.