Attic spaces in homes are used to store unwanted or less-used items instead of ignoring the space. The attic is an apt space to keep items like old furniture, scrap material, etc. which do not have an immediate requirement.

Utilizing small spaces is a trend that is slowly catching up in home designs (, STAIR DESIGNS TO MAXIMIZE SMALL SPACES, 2016). Smart interior design has a large role to play in this context which aims to help maximize living space.

Attics and lofts are generally designed in such a manner that they take up as little space as possible. Thus, in a home, loft spaces can be placed under the category of small spaces. The accessible paths for lofts are usually small. Often, people cannot use this space as it is difficult to access. Many times, there may be a need of bygga trappa like a steep folding staircase or a ladder for reaching this space. Reaching such spaces might be difficult without a proper accessible medium. Thus, for both these reasons, one can build loft staircase which could make it easier and safer to store things in the attic. Loft staircase can also add to the interior beauty of a home (, choices and benefits of loft stairs). This is a very clever way to smartly utilize small spaces in a home so that the space does not get wasted.

Some brilliant lofttrappor ideas are briefly described below which can be used effectively not only in homes but also in offices if required.

Loft ladders:

Although these are not considered technically as stairs, they are one of the most common design choices for accessing a loft. Considering space saving, these ladders are the best option for studio apartments and small homes, where limited space may be present. Loft ladders can also be designed in such a manner that they present effective mobility and can be moved easily around the house (, 5 MOST POPULAR LOFT STAIR DESIGNS, 2016). These ladders can to be fixed properly to the walls if they are not moved around. The materials used to make these ladders are mostly wood. Some may even design staircases made from metal. For those who want a minimalistic approach, these ladders can be designed with metal frames and wooden rungs.

Wooden Loft Stairs:

Loft stairs can be said to be an upgraded version of the loft ladders. There are several types of loft stairs ranging from steel to simpler standard models made from wood. In contrast to the loft ladders mentioned above, the loft stairs are permanently fixed to the walls. Wooden loft stairs can be chosen as they are a cheaper option than metal loft stairs. Some businesses may offer to design trappor as per requirement. A standard version of the wooden loft stairs usually consists of wooden rungs that are joined with connecting pieces. They may be available with or without rails.

Spiral stairs:

A spiral stair provides both benefits of loft ladders as well as traditional stairs; i.e. space saving of the ladders and sturdiness of the traditional stairs. Spiral staircases are a good option for providing an easy access to lofts. These staircases can be designed in such a manner that they reach the loft either through the loft floor or through one of the walls encompassing the loft. Spiral stairs are considered to be one of the safest types of stairs (, STAIR DESIGNS TO MAXIMIZE SMALL SPACES, 2016).

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Homes that have an attic can make use of the space to storeitems instead of ignoring the space. The attic is an excelling place to keepold furniture that one does not have room for or clothing that is not in season.Many home owners are unable to use this space efficiently because it is oftennot as accessible. Often a ladder or a steep folding staircase is required toaccess the area. This makes it difficult to carry things in and out of the space.

In order to utilize the space in the attic in a better way,it can be a good idea to contact a craftsman who can build loft stairs leadingup to the space. A more accessible staircase will make it easier and safer to storethings in the attic. Thos who are considering installing lofttrappacan choose from the following configurations:

1. Folding loft stairs: For those homes where spaceis less, selecting foldable loft staircases is a good choice. It is one of themost common ways of using the space. This is because they space may not be useddaily and therefore does not need a permanent staircase. Individuals can reachthe attic by opening a hatch in the roof opening up the steps. When work isdone, the stairs can be folded back into place.

2. Permanent loft staircase : When itcomes to staircases, often the purpose and the amount of space available determinesthe design of the trappa. Those that want apermanent loft stair but do not have much space can choose to install steeperstaircases without handrails.

A staircase should not be built in a hurry. It requiresprecision in every step, from the measurements taken and drawings to beproduced until the different parts are installed. The parts themselves are notcomplicated, but given the importance of stair safety, it is crucial to ensure thatall parts are carefully designed.

When it comes to stairs, home owners should be open to experimentingwith new designs. To avoid accidents owners should ensure that the staircase isbuilt properly. One can hire professional stair builders who have experience in bygga trappa.