My very first entry. I am not going to do a traditional ''welcome to my blog'' type of introduction so I will just jump straight into it. Basically, I am Sylvia, 22 year old young lady pursuing my masters degree in strategic marketing and international marketing communications currently situated in France - La Rochelle on an exchange programme. I am doing two degrees within a year (France and UK) so the programme is dual. Additionally, I need to complete an internship before being awarded the degrees. I know, a lot of educational information, I guess that all what I am about these days. I will do a more in-depth entry about my educational journey later.

I believe that my life will become increasingly interesting later therefore the need to document my journey. I need to get used to writing casually as I am so into writing academically or completely informally, blogging is somewhere in between. So.... This blog will be mostly about my journey into become the person I have dreamt of being since I was a little girl who had no real role models to look up to, the pressures of being me, the daily struggles of making moves, interesting business articles, general advice and some SPRINKLE OF SYLVIA!