3 Things You Need To Know About Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the biggest and most popular sports in the world. Therefore it’s quite important to learn all you can about Cricket betting.

The spread of cricket has become a phenomenon. Popular match types include one-day internationals, test series and the newly introduced Twenty20 matches.

Betting on sports online legal at Betbubbles.com has always been a part of the sport itself and cricket betting is no exception to the rule. With the introduction of the new Twenty20 series, cricket betting has become more popular than ever with ever increasing stakes.

There are generally five fundamental aspects to cricket betting that you should know before actually betting. These include the types of bets that you can place, the performance of the wicket keeper, the strength of the team and the bowlers and the weather.

Types of Cricket Betting

There are two main types of bets. These include spread betting and odd betting. Spread betting is a more advanced type of betting in which the score is pre determined in a fixed number of over’s usually guessed by the better.

Odd betting includes playing against the odds. A certain number will be given to a team which will be either negative Viagra or positive and the prize, in case of a win, that will be handed will be determined by a multiple or fraction involving that number.

The Wicket Keeper’s Performance

In most matches, the wicket keeper will position himself behind the batter in a position suited to catching an edged ball. The stats of a wicket keeper and his past performance should be properly analyzed.

If the wicket keeper has a good past performance, is performing well and calling dismissals in the match, chances are that his team may have the upper hand and is worth betting on.

The Team and the Bowlers

The team currently fielding and the bowlers are both very important factors in determining the type and amount to bet and on which team. If the fielders seem sloppy and are missing the ball, betting high on them is not recommended.

However, this can be used efficiently in spread betting. Spin bowlers are more important than fast bowlers the chance to take a risk by the batsman is higher.

This increases the chances of a stump out or an edged catch and improves winning odds. Fast bowlers will usually be mainly used in spread bowling to control the runs per over.

The Weather

The weather is an important factor in placing a bet. The pitch on which players play can change very fast with changing weather conditions. Wet pitches can be disastrous for fast bowlers while hard pitches can be advantageous.

Cricket betting is a combination of the above 5 aspects. Cricket betting can become complex if you do not analyze the factors above. Some factors are more important in spread betting, while others are important in odd betting.