Just a few things I know I'm going to miss about Finland ©Kristina Nyholm

Tomorrow is the day when sh*t gets real! Tomorrow me and my older sister will take a plane from Helsinki to London. We're going to stay in London until the 5th September, then we'll take a train from Victoria station to Rochester. Later that evening I'll stay there to study while my sister takes a plane back to Helsinki.

I still can't quite believe that this is actually happening that I am really moving to England to study Photography at UCA. I have never even been to England before and now I'm suddenly moving there for three whole years. It's just amazing!

Even though I have known for almost eight years that I won't live in Finland all my life and even though I have been talking about it as an option for almost a year, it's still quite chocking... Today is the first day that everything feels real, like it's actually going to happen. I made the decision to move to England a few months ago, but it hasn't felt real until today. It has just been more of an "if" than a "when".

There are of course a lot of things that I will miss about Finland. I'm sure there are a lot of things that I won't realize it that I'm missing until I've actually been living in England a while. Besides from the obvious things as my friends and family I will miss going to the Sauna almost every day, the beautiful nature and the unsocial atmosphere. I'll miss being able to walk around on the countryside, living in a spacious room in a big detached house and driving my car almost every where I want to go. There's also a lot of food that I'll miss as well, like rye bread, xylitol gum, Finnish chocolate and cranberry juice are just a few examples.

Today is my last day in Finland and I'm going to spend most of it in Helsinki getting my hair cut, eyebrows fixed and both my brows and lashes colored. Hope I won't look like a monster with super dark eyebrows tomorrow! I'll probably post some before and after pictures later on, but until then I hope you have a great day!


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