I don't understand boys.

They make me confused and they act like they have no emotions. I just want to find love that lasts a long time. I want to sit on the top of rooftops in the middle of the night and just talk, wrapped up in a blanket and looking at the stars. I want to watch the sunset from the middle of the field. I never want to lose the love; I want the love to wrap around me and hug me tight, promising to never let me go.

Love doesn't want me though. Love goes to everyone else except me. My friend just celebrated her one year anniversary. My other friend has guys fighting for her attention. But me? The guy that I'm in love with won't even look me in the eye and we have to see each other every day. He broke up with me and still wants to be good friends. How can I be good friends with someone who I'm in love with? He "isn't looking for a relationship right now" and I just want to know what went wrong. I want to know why he decided to dump me over text message and break my heart into a million pieces.

Why do these things happen?