Now that I have started University, I thought it was appropriate to reflect over what I have done this summer, and where I have been. I feel so fortunate to have been able to travel so much and spend time with friends and family.

I have picked out some of my favorite moments from this summer to share!

Enjoy xx


San Francisco, California

Squaw Valley, California

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

New York City

Washington, D.C.




Västra Götaland


Barcelona, Spain


London, UK


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"Halfway there!" Would be my normal mindset on Wednesdays when looking at how far I have gotten through the week. But now seeing how quickly time flies, I am a little scared by it, and I approach this Wednesday with a desire to make this day last an eternity.

This is my last week in Sweden, and frankly I don't know why I am calling it a week when I am leaving in 2 days, but there is a lot of mixed emotions. I have been dreading the moment when it would be time to move, but also excited to go to University and start the next part of my life. Change is never easy, but it leads to growth and development. Instead of focusing on the sad part of moving, I am trying to make the most of my time left here, by spending time with Karl and my close friends.

Yesterday, Moa and I went in to Stockholm for some shopping and lunch. We checked out some really cute faux fur coats, but I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I am going to keep looking before I buy one.

After that we went to Gretas at Hötorget, I have never seen this place before, and it was exactly what we were looking for. Its located in the Scandic Haymarket building, right next to the marketplace. We decided to sit inside because it was a little bit windy, and we both got coffees and sallads.

The sallad had roasted tomatoes and goat cheese on it, my favorite!!

Moa and I bought matching earrings at H&M, and we put them on right away and walked around like that for the rest of the day. #twins

After lunch we were really tired so we headed back home and I started sorting through my clothes and packing my bags.

Tonight I am going to meet up with some friends for dinner in Stockholm to say goodbye! :( But before that I have to move some of my stuff from Karls house to my relatives in the city.

Now Karl is home from school so we are going to have some lunch and then go for a powerwalk before I start to get ready.




On Saturday Karl and I went in to Stockholm to eat at his favorite Sushi restaurant: Sushi Sho. He has been meaning to take me there for a while, but it has been booked when we tried to go earlier. I am so happy we got to go together. I love eating at nice places with Karl, because we can both appreciate it.

Jacket - H&M // Skirt - And Other Stories // Scarf - By Malene Birger // Bag - Coach

We took a drink outside before, I had a glass of white wine and Karl tried a Japanese beer. Finally we were seated, and the friendly and attentive staff started to prepare the sushi infront of the small room of guests.

The dishes came one after another, all delicious and unique. I managed to snap a photo of everything we ate!

The last 2 pieces of sushi (below) are from the finest part of the Tuna fish, they are marbled and were not included in the tasting menu, but could be added as the last piece. Karl and I both took this option, and it was better than everything we had eaten. If you put the sushi upside down in your mouth, the fish actually starts to melt on your tongue and it is an incredible experience for your tastebuds. I couldn't believe I was eating tuna, it felt more like a light steak.

This was without a doubt the best sushi I have ever had. The restaurant was a relaxed, and modern, yet still incorporated Japanese design and style. I am a meat-lover, and I never thought that I would crave fish this much!

Counting each different sushi dish, we had 15 different kinds of courses. I will absolutely come back here for some more amazing sushi!!



Hello to my beautiful blog readers,

I spent my Friday working out logistics for my move to England (Hotel, train, etc), and I was signing up for some things at school, when I come across a page saying "you don't have enough documentation presented to start your studies." This confused me so much, and even more made me worried that I had missed an important step that would put my acceptance at risk. I had handled every step with caution and I knew exactly what had to be done before I started at school, and a visa application was not included in that list.

I spent the rest of my day frantically trying to get in touch with the school, by email and phone, when I finally get in touch with a person who tells me there has been some kind of mistake and that I just need to show my passport when I get to the school. No biggie. Either way, it was a HUGE relief, and made me really grateful that I have dual citizenship, because it can make traveling so much easier (aka, not needing a visa).

That afternoony bae came home from school and we watched "try not to laugh" videos on youtube, with adorable kids doing ridiculous stuff. Around 7pm we got ready to meet some friends for dinner, so I threw on some concealer, mascara, and bronzer and a cute gingham patterned crop top with bootcut jeans.

We ate a delicious carbonara, and afterwards played Monopoly Game of Thrones Edition. Around midnight we decided to head home and get some rest because Karl and I had a date in Stockholm the next day.

Puss Gonatt!



If you are like me, you have a hard time letting go of your summer wardrobe and transitioning to fall... Luckily you don't have to let go, because you can still style some of your favorite summer pieces into the autumn months.

On Wednesday, K and I went to see a movie at Filmstaden Scandinavia, (@ mos) and I had just gotten back from Barcelona, and I could sense how cold it was. As much as I love summer, I have been dying to break out these leather boots, and I thought this was a perfect opportunity.

I have this old floral print shift dress which I recently discovered in my closet, and I layered a white long sleeve sweater underneath. I paired the look with a camel colored suede jacket, which brought out the brown hues in the dress and made it more fall appropriate. Finally I added leather boots and a little purse which matched the flowers in my dress.

Sweater - Zara // Dress - Urban Outfitters // Jacket - Vero Moda // Bag - Zara // Boots - Stuart Weitzman

I was really digging this look! Loved matching feminine floral print with leather.

Before the movie we walked around in MOS and we found a cute little art gallery.

The movie we saw is called American Made, starring Tom Cruise. I really liked the movie, it had a similar style to the Narcos series (I mean they have very similar stories) but I would recommend seeing it! We went to the VIP theatre for the first time, quite exciting and they have a beautiful lounge outside.

After the movie we stopped at Max drive through for my favorite spicy chicken burger! I swear I have had like 20 of those this month, I cant stop I might be #addicted

See you in my next post! <3

#floral #autumn #fall #summer



Of course (with my luck) the first day on our vacation consisted of thunder and lightning... The street we lived on was very narrow and lined with trees, so we were protected from the rain, but when we came out onto a bigger road, our one tiny umbrella was not enough to cover the 3 of us! At first we tried to brave the rain, but we quickly gave up and Moa hailed a taxi to take us to brunch!

Dress - Brandy Melville // Bag - Zara // Shoes - Stans

We had the most AMAZING brunch at a place called the Milk Bar and Bistro in the Gothic Quarter, it was so delicious that I didn't even get a chance to take a photo of everything we ate!

Below to the left is the amazing Mediterranean Toast that Ninni ordered, with avocado, egg, sundried tomatoes and olives. Yuum!! I ordered a fantastic burger with caramelized onions and chevre cheese, and Moa had a bagel with sallad, pesto, and avocado.

I am very involved with my telephone at the brunch-table, and it is partially because i have been vlogging our entire trip on my phone! Its a lot of work to vlog, blog, and update social media! #fulltimejob

We spent about 3 hours having brunch, partially waiting out the rain and partially because it was so damn cozy there! After we had all eaten, we decided it was only logical to have a "dessert" and we ordered American pancakes to share! I <3 BRUNCH!!!

We left the restaurant and walked around the Gothic Quarter.

I made sure to take many pictures of my beautiful girls <3

I somehow didn't get the memo about the dresscode? Black skirt and white shirt?

Very important to drink lots of water!!!

Thats all for this post, will be back with more from Barcelona!

#barcelona #travel



On Wednesday I got up early to pack my bags and head to the airport, where I met Ninni and Moa.

The flight was a little delayed but otherwise a smooth journey. The views above the clouds were gorgeous.

We live on a quiet little street, in an airbnb. After we unpacked we went to get some tapas at a local place! Nachos ❤️❤️Finally we went to sleep early so we could get up and see Barcelona the next day.



Idag spenderades i Stockholm med mina älsklingar. Först åkte jag och Kalle in till stan för att shoppa och äta, och sen träffade vi vännerna för att ha middag på Zoe's resturang! Maten va så sjuukt god, och det va så skoj att se alla vänner igen efter att ha varit på landet i 2 veckor.

//Spent today in Stockholm with my lovies. First karl and I went to go shopping and eat, and then we met up with our friends to have dinner at Zoe's restaurant! The food was so good, and it was so fun to see all of our friends again after being in the country for 2 weeks.//

Efter middag gick vi runt hörnet för att sträcka på benen och ta lite friskt luft.

//After dinner we went around the corner to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.//

Top - Brandy Melville // Jeans - Rag and Bone // Earrings - H&M // Bag - Zara



Two weeks ago I left nyc to spend the rest of my summer in Sweden before going to uni in the fall.

I hadn't seen Karl in almost 6 weeks, so I was really excited to see him again.

After takeoff, I got INCREDIBLE views of manhattan!!! Above you can clearly see central park to the left, and midtown/downtown to the right. Definitely worth sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours before takeoff.

Kalle met me at the airport with roses and coffee <3

When we got home I opened some other little presents and then took an 8 hour nap. I hate flying so much, but I have to say this was my best travel experience ever!!

puss xx



Unfortunately I have been MIA for the past couple of days and too sick to update. When I got back from Copenhagen I came down with a really bad cold. I have been in bed for the past 3 days with a fever and sore throat and I have never felt worse. Looking back on my trip does cheer me up, so here is a little update!

We walked 16000 steps in one afternoon, seeing Copenhagen and window-shopping. My internet was spotty at best, so we didn't always have a map to follow, but when you aren't walking towards anything specific, its alright if you don't take the shortest way.

Hat - H&M // Sunnies - illesteva // Sweatshirt - Pull and Bear // Bomber - Nelly // 

Scarf - Nordstrom // Pants - Zara // Bag - Coach // Sneakers - Stan Smith

Later that night Karl and I went to a romantic French Brasserie where we had a fabulous dinner with even better desserts. I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I made Karl get one of them and then we shared. Afterwards we were so full but the walk home was refreshing and helped us not feel overstuffed. When we got back to the hotel I threw on a facemask and we watched Modern Family (our new favorite show) until we fell asleep. Call us boring but It was truly a perfect day. We were supposed to watch together but being sick I haven't been able to do much and I am now a couple seasons ahead of him... I will have to pay for that later.