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Truly I am not too sure how I feel about this bar! Really amazing, fun and Instagrammable, I would definitely say this is the main reason that people go here! It was so small and I had come after travels with a huge bag so a bit of a nightmare in itself.. The music was good! However my cocktail tasted of pure rum, which I haven't had since house parties in year no thanks!! Overall the atmosphere was great and I had a lovely time catching up, but definitely book a table!

£8.00 G&T

£11 roughly for a Cocktail

Oh and 21+!

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It's really amazing to be able to surround yourself with friends who have the same interests in you and want to do things with you that others wouldn't. Spontaneous evenings are the best! An evening in Belgravia with one of my best friends, as pricey as the cupcakes was SO worth it! It has not been my first time at Peggy Porschen, however at Christmas it is even better! I suggest going before or soon after Christmas before the decorations come down!

Cupcakes roughly £4.50-£6.00
Babyccino-£1.75 such a cute size if you're not good at finishing hot drinks like me!



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I used to hate Sundays, but I have come to realise that this is one of the cosiest days of the week in winter! Sunday roasts, walks in Richmond park which is my favorite and vegan hot chocolate in Gail's... I did just say Vegan!?- I have started to look into changing up my eating habits just for a while but I am definitely not vegan yet!

I have started a doing things on Sunday which helps me to take my mind of the week ahead of me. This Sunday was lovely and I absolutely love richmond, I want to go there more as I'm only up the road when I'm at uni!

Gail's is the best Café! I would reccomend the ones in dulwich, Wimbledon Village and Richmond! X



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We had the most amazing time in Marseille, there is definitely too much to talk about so I'll let the pictures speak... The weather was amazing considering we went in October! Around 24/25 degrees and our hotel was lovely! We stayed in Golden Tulip Euromed. The best part is being to travel with your best friend, someone you have constant laughs and fun with! We ate our way through marseille. One of the best days was having a boat trip on the Mediterranean and then looking through the markets in the town and wishing I could buy everything in galeries Lafayette! After a quiet first night wondering where all the good clubs and bars were, second night we managed to find the most amazing rooftop club on top of a shopping center...

I would definitely recommend marseille but it's only worth going for a weekend as there is not as much to do as we thought there would be! And some areas we stayed away from as these were more local and not as friendly.

Onto planning the next trip!

Happy Sunday 😊



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In the autumn I become so much more willing to stay in and relax as I hate being cold and I love the cosy feeling of the nights getting darker earlier. Overcoming Halloween hangovers.. a Sunday roast definitely sorts that out! We went to CAU in Wimbledon village and later strolled around the village with hot chocolate. Roast beef with onion rings, Yorkshire pudding, Carrots and roast potatoes with lots of gravy! It was amazing. I might have to make this one of my weekly trips! £15pp it is honestly sooo good. Try it out!



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Finally it's the best time of the year, time to eat loads of pumpkin, there's nothing better than going to get your own pumpkin (as you can tell I'm obsessed) but it makes a nice little day out especially in the run up to Halloween! We went to Garsons Farm in Esher, it is probably the best PYO that we have been to so far!

I will post some pumpkin recipes this week in the lead up to Halloween, they're so tasty.

They may be more pricey but I would definitely prefer to pick them myself!

The best thing about getting out the city is of course the pumpkins, but it really depends on the company that you go with, especially when I live in the city it's sometimes hard to forget about living a peaceful lifestyle and doing different things to make you smile. It's good to do things to make you think about the future and not just on the 'now'. Start concentrating on doing things to make you happy and not just to please other people, I have genuinely realised these things over the past few months despite how hard it was.

I can't wait to share my Halloween! It's going to be full of too many decorations and scented candles for sure! Keep an eye out soon on my posts as I will finally be updating more, especially very soon when I try being a vegan for one week!



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This is so hypocritical of me, as in my previous posts I was so keen to start a daily blog, which I will be doing ... I promise! However I've really needed this summer to let go of many feelings that I had, sitting on my shoulders for such a long time. For example fixing friendships, forgetting some people in my life, getting over insecurities and starting a fresh in my mindset and aspects such as getting a new job. I am starting to get back to feeling myself even though I am writing this with the flu...

The past year has definitely been going so quickly, where it had been so easy to forget about some of the people in my life that have always been there for me. I constantly struggle with change even though I am always craving to change something in my life, I'm so odd like that-hope someone can relate🤷‍♀️

My main reason for not blogging for such a long time was because my laptop broke, and I hate blogging from my phone!! But I also gave up on myself, I see such inspirational bloggers and public figures and put myself down wondering why I will never be as good enough to write amazing pieces or take flawless pictures like them! The truth is, it's so pointless for me to try and be someone that I am not, I'm not perfect I have a smashed iPhone 6 to take photos for my blog, I am lazy and my grammar is awwwwful, sorry. But I have realised that I only wanted to write this blog in the first place as a hobby, somewhere to engage and communicate with others about places I love to go to, talk about how many burger places I can get round to and write about life in general.

This summer has been/is such a learning experience for me, I really feel that I have found myself and I am so ready to get back to uni, in a new place and really live life without worrying about ANYTHING!!

This is really not me to usually write something like this but I feel that it's necessary to sometimes look over at the past and see what things you would like to do better.

So here's to making fun memories, new relationships and new paths!✌🏼💃🏻



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A rainy day did not stop Rhys and I adventuring to Dorset for the day. It was so beautiful at the coast and very therapeutic for me! Places like this make me so happy and it's a really good place to relieve stress. The monkey rescue center was also amazing. It was a shame we had to see them from behind the glass as we just wanted to hold them. Dorset was such a lovely place to visit and I would like to go again in the summer when there is better weather!
I would like to start doing more blogs about my day and my day in pictures!

Lulworth Cove & Monkey World, Dorset.



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It's been a while since I have posted, I thought that I would make this extra special and exciting!!

The weather has been so lovely recently in London, this calls for evening ice cream dates I think?! From being in Covent Garden recently, I noticed that Milk Train has been constantly packed with queues out of the doors, I knew this was something special that I had to try!

The menu is very simple but with the options such as matcha ice cream, bubblegum sprinkles, Hello Panda and lots more, the menu makes it easier for you to personalise your ice cream to whatever you like!

The cafe is tiny with a few tables and chairs to sit at but not many at all. The interior is very simple and laid back, making it more appealing and stands out from busy restaurants down the same road. Wall stickers make all the difference!♥️ ⬇️

Ice Cream on a 'cloud' is one of the reasons I went into the shop. This is such a great idea, candy floss around the ice cream cone!

After a long hard decision, (we made our mind standing in the 15min que but it was so worth it), Rhys and I decided to go for the 'Vanilla Series: Popcorn &I Caramel' this had soft vanilla ice cream, popcorn, salted caramel sauce, a waffle and of course candy floss! Basically my whole day calorie intake...

A very pretty little Ice Cream making me feel summery!

The next place we moved onto was Amorino, literally 1min walk away from Milk Train. This is More of a traditional Italian gelateria.

There were so many sorbets, gelato, waffles, macaroons and hot chocolate flavours! I could not decide, as many people know my life is full of predicaments!!! In the end I decided to have coconut and chocolate chips with a raspberry macaroon in smallest cone they had, I still could not finish it!

The flower shaped ice cream is a new idea from Amorino, it's so pretty!

Milk Train was definitely my favourite as I love soft ice cream and popcorn went so well with it. This is a creative and clever cafe that is bringing a completely new style to ice cream!

Amorino ice cream was lovely, so creamy and the flower took a lot of skill to make! This is such a nice summery idea.

My 'Milk Train' ice cream- £5.35 (candy floss £1 extra)

My 'Amorino' ice cream- £5.60 (macaroon £1.80 extra)

I would reccomend trying both of these ice cream shops in covent garden!

Milk Train, 44 Bedford St, WC2E. 

Amorino, 7 Garrick St, WC2E 9AR ( Also international, Chelsea, Fulham Broadway, Charing Cross, Soho, Islington, Westfield Stratford City and Camden)

The sticker on the window of Milk Train...I have now realised how true this is♥️

My outfit that evening:

Zara Jumper Dress -£25.99

Calzedonia Fishnets -£11

Very Old Converse!



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Been such a busy start to the year, so much going on with work and university.

To end Rhys' birthday weekend we decided to go to Sticks and Sushi in Wimbledon. I have always wanted to go there even though I have not tried much Sushi before. The outside of the restaurant is so simple which made me want to go in even more and try it out.

There was so much on the menu I had no clue where to look first! We had cucumber water and also lemongrass and ginger water. A regular was £2.50 so it was not over priced.

We had tempura shrimps which was so amazing we wanted to order more! Another dish we ordered was black cod sushi...this had parts of avocado, red onion, cream cheese and asparagus. For our first time trying sushi like this we loved it! Lastly we had a platter of meats on sticks with edamame and sticky rice. All these flavors together worked so well we could have eaten so much more!

For desert we had a creme brûlée. It was so small we should have did 3 deserts for £9 however we didn't know how small they were!

The service was amazing and the interior was lovely.

There are also other locations in UK: Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, Greenwich and Cambridge.

Will be coming back so soon to try more dishes I can't wait!

We was also given beginner chopsticks which was so helpful and actually really easy to use! Now to try and use the proper ones...