hi hey hello, the usual greeting phrases!
god i'm always so bad at saying hi so well hi and welcome :-)

so what is this page really? well, after all my tries to start a blog here i am, my seventh try and this one is gonna be real i can feel it!! i got inspired by my favourite website, rookiemag, i love it!!

so i guess that's what it is? i don't know bleh i'm not good at new beginnings, but i guess i'll write about things that interest me, such as music, fashion and art, lots and lots of other stuff too!

i decided to not give out any information about myself other than that i'm fifteen years old, this because i don't want anyone to find this page, i'm kinda lowkey about stuff and i want to use this page as a place i write myself off, my own place :-)

so i guess that's it? maybe i'll do another post right after this we'll see x

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