since i was little, i always i knew i wanted to be in the centre of everything.
the centre of my friendship group, my family, the stage and of course life.

2008, when i was seven and a half years old we brought a poster of my idol rihanna to the hairdresser and asked for her exact hairstyle. Before that, my hair almost reached to my bum and after, well let's say it wasn't even down to my shoulders. i remember feeling lika a diva, i was going to be the new rihanna.
i practiced how to be a rockstar in my room and i pretended to be a fifteen year old girl, the biggest singer in the world with this cool house and all these boys running after me. that's exactly how i pictured my life would be by now, i believed in myself so so much.
i pretended to ride in this big fancy limousine from my room to my parents and when i was there i met up with my boyfriend and we went to an interview, went back to my room (house) with the limo and suddenly my room was an arena, i performed in front of a thousands of fans and wow i was happy.

i was eleven by the time i stopped doing this, i guess there's where my dream died.
it was because of soccer, suddenly i was also interested in that and i guess that's what took all of my time. i became a new person, i traded school and didn't feel like such a diva anymore.

i turned twelve and i thought i was twenty, i suddenly needed to grow up fast, i felt like an adult and i certainly thought i was one.
but when i turned thirteen i stopped playing soccer, i became more and more introvert and spent more and more time alone, not like the old happy days, at this time i only sat in my room doing nothing.

but music came back for me and so did my love for acting, this was at the age of fourteen.
i had finally realised that it was meant for me to be in the centre of most things. and this doesn't have to be a bad thing. always remember that!
i needed the big city, the big happenings.

i realised i wasn't supposed to stay in my hometown forever, i was made for travelling and experiencing tremendous things.

i fell in love with feeling loved, writing and music. i started to educate myself about everything and i found my place in the world.

i got back to acting and singing and wanting to be a rockstar, today it's my biggest dream.
i want to sell albums like no one has, i want to be on a stage surrounded by people i love and who loves me, i want to be friends with my idols and i want to be remembered, remembered for exactly this.
but i know this won't happen and that's okay for i have other dreams; travelling the world with my four best friends, moving out of the country and to be a music writer.

i think that's what i wanna do, be a music writer. yeah that would be cool.

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hi hey hello, the usual greeting phrases!
god i'm always so bad at saying hi so well hi and welcome :-)

so what is this page really? well, after all my tries to start a blog here i am, my seventh try and this one is gonna be real i can feel it!! i got inspired by my favourite website, rookiemag, i love it!!

so i guess that's what it is? i don't know bleh i'm not good at new beginnings, but i guess i'll write about things that interest me, such as music, fashion and art, lots and lots of other stuff too!

i decided to not give out any information about myself other than that i'm fifteen years old, this because i don't want anyone to find this page, i'm kinda lowkey about stuff and i want to use this page as a place i write myself off, my own place :-)

so i guess that's it? maybe i'll do another post right after this we'll see x