Where are they

Brooklyn, NY

Who are they

Welcome to #antisocialclub. The founder of SocialDecay is Matt Blacker, an illustrator having a wide-range experience at fashion industry, as he worked for more than 50 brands including GAP. His partner-in-crime is Samantha who runs the business making sure that this small lbrand grows daily. SocialDecay is the perfect example for the real rock’n’roll fast fashion clothing line that operates simple graphic, but has the thing that makes it stand out from other brands at the same time. They claim that it’s not only a brand but a fashion movement that represents today’s rock culture. Anyone to disagree? I don’t think so.

What they have

Alien and some non-serious “end is near” themed stuff, such as tees, sweatshirts, accessories, and even raglans for girls.

Why you must love it

The graphics sometimes have this harsh, ironic sense of humour that you must love.

Everything is made in USA by hand. They even responsible forthe seize, the cut and the details.

All pieces suggests that “don’t worry, be silly and say fuck the world sometimes”.


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This nostalgic feeling doesn't intend to vanish.

Grunge grunge grunge...

Here are the best picks from the actual ZARA stock.



Pastel hair is the new trend it cannot be denied. It's not as hard to find a hair colourist who can make magic with your hair as 5 years ago. There's also a serious revolution in the field of hair dyers, as well, so you can dye your hair even at home. If you're surfing on the net you come across different pastel shades with different hair types, it seems there are no obstacles anymore.

Here you can read 7 facts that you should know before jumping into dyeing your hair pastel:

1. With your new hair colour you will get a brand new wardrobe.

2. Wash your hair less frequently, every 5 days, and if your hair is so dirty that you can't handle, use dry shampoo to hold you over inbetween washings. But be aware it dries your hair a lot.

3. Colouring with bleaching can cause real damage to your hair, so moisture is key fact in this case. So use deep conditioning treatment.

4. Still moisturing! Coconut is your new bestfriend. Put on your hair for overnight with some washing hat, wash it in the morning and voilá, you get soft and silky hair. Do this every month.

5. You get a new hair colour everytime you wasy our hair, because it washes out into a new colour.

6. Wash your hair with cool or cold water because its colour will last longer. Hot water opens up the cuticle of the hair and your colour will wash out easily.

7. The beach is not your friend anymore. Updo your hair so it won't be wet and won't flow your hair dye down your neck. Hair washing after beaching can cause colour loss as well. So keep your hair dry!



Are you bored with all the designers sunglasses? Or you need another masterpiece that is not a Ray Ban? Valley Eyewear is a good choice if you're loaning for sunglasses with statement-making frames, you prefer handcrafted items and last but not least, don't want a mass product. Moreover, you don't have to be afraid, trends can come and go, these creatures don't run out of fashion. 

What is Valley Eyewear?

The brand was created by Michael Crawley an Australian designer after working for Quicksilver and Quick. His team is lined up by his wife and himself while getting help from some good mates, as well. The main inspiration is music then comes art, films and photography. Though he's already designed aviator for Marilyn Manson and the brand is praised by Kat Von D, it's a bit more than an underground brand.



Kat Von D's make-up line for Sephora is one of the most inspiring lines of all times. Those who already love her art could expect something extraordinary. It's been 5 years since Sephora has started to cooperate with her. They're constantly working not only new products folded in beautiful designs but, new formulas as well. There comes the question, what can a renowned tattoo artist add to a leading make up brand? A lot. Kat Von D has already got a strong and inspiring style. She's super confident about it and doesn't afraid of hard work. It's a good combination, anyway. As she has this rocknroll attitude mixed with art and fashion inspirations, the products are always super cool and daring. They usually use vivid, high-pigmented colours, and all of the products are long-lasting and cruelty free.

And let's see the brand new collection. The METAL CRUSH EYESHADOW collection is a groundbreaking formula with which, as they say, they pushed the boundaries of long wear and high pigment. As it can be read at Sephora's site; " the result of a technique in which pigment-saturated powders undergo a unique tumbling process that softens and smooths each particle until shadow is creamy and lustrous—leaving behind the highest possible levels of pigment and pearl in this ultra long-wear shadow. With a polished metal finish and 11 striking shades, Metal Crush Eyeshadow glides smoothly across the lids, saturating them with beautiful metallic pigment."

The collection consists of 11 wonderful colours with the names such as Iggy, Thunderstuck, Paranoid and Danzig. Von D's love for music cannot be denied. Moreover, all of them are paraben free, that can be a huge pro on your list.

What did her inspire while she was creating the METAL CRUSH EYESHADOW collection? This video says all.



What's hot and what's not? The question is still on every season. But what are the trends that are knocking on autumn's door? Do we have to forget ombre or pastel shades? Don't panic! More excitement comes along the new hair colours. And some still on. Key facts for the autumn:

Ombre is still on the list.

We don't have to forget pastel, either. Thank God!

This pinkish copper shade is the new hotness in town. And yes, it has a name, rose gold.

If you're thinking about some reddish, merlot is the best choice.

If you're bored with ombre, tortoise shell can be your next big thing.

1. Dark green (photo credit: Anastacia Galactionova) 2. Mint 3. Rose blonde 4. Blue ombre 5. Merlot 6. Dark purple 7. Tortoise shell



"East Village Sparklers" by Natalia Fabia oil on panel