Have you ever played The Walking Dead: Season Two? Well at a certain point within this game a question is asked and it is a real important question that people do not generally think about.
Luke: What's the most important thing in this world?
In which you would respond either Family, Food, or Safety.
Considering it is an apocaplypse the most logical answer would be FOOD.😏 Am I right or am I right?
Well you are not going to believe this but I am completely and utterly wrong! 😱😱😱
The actual answer to this question is indeed family.
Now when I first played the game I thought that was so stupid. But now I see.
Having a family or someone remotely close to being family is better than being alone. You have someone who you look out for knowing that they are going to do the same for you.
You have someone who will protect you at all costs because you know that they have your back. This is true whether you are in the apocalypse or not.