A beautifully crafted wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception.(look at weddingforward ). These miracles of culinary arts can truly take one's breath away. It seems impossible to take edible ingredients and create works of art worthy of appreciation just for their elegant beauty to the eye.

You cringe to put a knife to some of these beauties! But, usually, the baser instincts (hunger) win out over the refined sentiments of an art lover. Our bakers are phenomenally talented and dedicated to their wedding cake craft. They have a pragmatic approach to creating art in buttercream, fondant icing, gum paste, or sugar paste. When you see the bill you will understand their willingness to let you ravage their creations.

Let's tell the truth. Like so many elements of your wedding day, there's going to be some hefty expense involved. But you just can't get these wedding cakes out of a box of mix and canned frosting! You are paying a premium for craftsmanship, years of training and experience, an artisan's eye, and expensive first-class cake ingredients.

Many weddings now also feature a smaller groom's cake that can be designed to any theme reflecting the groom's hobbies, work, or interests. You may also notice now a trend that replaces the bride and groom figurines on the top tier with sugarpaste floral arrangements.