This is probably the toughest but also the most fun part of my three years at Fyxellska. As you probably already know I'm a person with many different hobbies and that all of them have something to do with "sports", so these three years have been really though for me because Fryxellska is just a normal theoretical school. So especially know when there are only three weeks left of it, I am really longing for something else, something that involves more practical things and less theoretical lessons.

I've already chosen what school I would like to go to after the "summer holiday" and I'm really exited. But at the same time I'm a little nervous because the school that I'm talking about is located in an other Province called "Dalarna" (I live in "Värmland") approximately 210 km up north... So this means that I have to move away from home and live at my school in Älvdalen. Of course I will be able to visit my friends and family in the weekends, but the other five days I will have to look after myself in the way off cooking food, washing and of course doing my own dishes, cleaning my room etc. But these things I'm totally not worried about. I know that I'm a decent boy who knows how to take care of him self, but still I'm only 15 years old (turning 16 in September) and I think that I'm pretty young for someone that is already moving away from home... I love my family, my friends and my home, and I'm a 100% sure that at some points I will get homesick, but if that is all than I'm also a 100% sure of that I will thank myself in the future for making such a wise choice back then, the choice of following my dreams.

The summer holiday starts on the 10th of June which is approximately two weeks from now. Although me and the most of my classmates share total different interests and hobbies, I'm actually starting to like them more and more and the ones that I already liked are becoming more and more valuable to me. I'm even starting to like the teachers more and more, which is probably because all the big exams are over and we get to work more freely but still...

So yes. This is probably even the most fun part of my three years at "Fryxellska skolan" because everyone is getting along so well, but I also think that it's really typically and a shame that it is happening now and not earlier...

Fryxellska skolan 9c1 ~2013-2016~ Joda Dolmans

Älvdalen ~2016....

Älvdalens Utbildningscentrum.

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What is life? People say it's from Birth to death, but what is in between?

Life is all about choices. If you wan't something really bad then fight for it. Don't be afraid to do things your own way, because nobody can say that they're wrong. Listen to your inner voice and find out who you really are.

During the past three years I've been doing these things and it really gives you more confidence and just a better life. I've always known my many interests but some of them seemed so different to my friends'. So because I wanted to take part in my friends' talking I started trying out their hobbies, or you could just call it "gaming". 

A big lesson I learned was that never let others determine your destiny. That story took place about three years ago and I'm happy it happened back then and not now. During these three years I started following my own dreams and I really became my self again. I knew that my body was loaded with energy and strength and that I was a fighter. And in these years I finally found out what I actually was capable of and I started exercising more and more.

And today. I thank myself for making that good choice and following my own dreams.

Some people take drugs to make them self's feel good, but not me. If I ever feel lonely, sad or angry I would probably go outside and start running or take myself to the nearest gym. That's when my brain starts sending out dopamine through my whole body, that's when I feel good!

 Training is my drug.

                                                                                                           Joda Dolmans 9c1



This is probably the hardest thing to talk about. Well okay, maybe not that hard but my dreams seem to impossible that I just don't know how my future will be like. I guess that nobody can look into the future but many do at least have some thoughts about their future jobs and stuff like that. And of course I too have some thoughts but as I already said "my dreams seem so impossible". 

If I close my eyes I can see myself as a grown person climbing mountains and searching for adventures. Or working as a personal trainer at a gym. Or competing in gymnastics. And even more likely, taking pictures and filming beautiful landscapes or extreme sports and making my own music and putting it all together with advanced computer programs, but at the same time taking part in them myself. When I first found out about my many hobby's and abilities I was very happy and I didn't have to choose between them. But now I'm in last grade and I have to make a hard decision, it's almost like if I have to forget about my childhood and start to think about the future. I guess it's the same for everyone but I often get the feeling like I'm the only one having a hard time choosing.    

As you probably hear my future thoughts are complicated and I'm probably exaggerating, but I just can't stop thinking about it.  

                                                                                                                                         Joda Dolmans 9c1   



Hi my name is Joda.

I'm 15 years old and I live just outside a small village called "Gräsmark". 

I'm a boy with many different hobbies, and most of them outdoors. Yes! I love to be outside. 

Many kids at my age especially boys don't have the motivation to do such things because they can't get away from their computer screens. Okay sorry, maybe that was a little to excessive but it's becoming more and more common, it's becoming a problem. 

Okay enough about that. As I said I like to be outdoors and take part in many different sports, such as running, parkour, fishing and many more.

Well that was some short information about me, and I hope you liked it. :)