What All is required to Know Before You Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair loss has turned into a common problem. The magnitude of the problem is increasing daily. Almost half of the locks is gone before the hairs reduction becomes visible. Luckily locks transplant surgery can help treat baldness. FUE transplant is the mostly used technique in locks transplant surgeries now per day. But this will be prepared in a methodical way.

Everything you all need to find out before the process?

Level of hair loss- if you have sufficient hair you might not need locks transplant, just medications and PRP therapycan help.

If you want hair transplant approximately just how many grafts are required?

Whether you have sufficient locks on the donor area of head to cover the bald area or locks from other areas of the body are required. If you don't have enough locks, you aren't the eligible applicant for FUE hair transplant.

Surgery should be considered the last resort it you have been balding for a long period.

Age--Role of FUE transplant is still controversial in patients under 35 years. It is because the individual can undergo "shock reduction" - lack of locks due to injury of medical procedure. So if age of the individual is not considered, it can lead to even more hair thinning after the treatment.

Affordability-It a aesthetic procedure .you will need to pay from your pocket. For a few patients cost is not a huge issue, but if you fail to cover the cost with ease its easier to postpone it till you have sufficient money with you.

How to prepare before hair transplant surgery ?

Stop smoking- It really is highly recommended that you give up smoking at least 24 hours preceding to surgery to enable you to properly heal. If you cannot stop it completely, temporary stop is highly recommended.

Stop Alcohol- It is strongly recommended that you is going at least a week without alcohol preceding to surgery to have great results and to avoid problems in recovery.

Avoid Haircuts- just before the surgery haircut should not be done. Locks from the donor area especially in FUE hair transplant which is the most commonly used technique; have to be long enough for the task to be completed effectively.

Massage your Head- it is strongly recommended that you therapeutic massage your head everyday for approximately 10 minutes each day. It does increase the blood flow as well as softens the skin of the head.

Avoid anti inflammatory drugs-It not at all a good idea to take anti-inflammatory prior to the surgery. When there is no swelling after the treatment, you might not need to take it in the recovery period also.

If you're likely to get a hair transplant clinic in jaipur , its better you seek advice from a hair specialist in pune before you progress. It is essential that you take proper preparatory steps as required for some other surgery to make it a successful one.



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