Wine & home made sushi night

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I´ve been craving a good home made sushi for a long time now. Every now and then I would mention it to Bruno, but we kept delaying it over and over again, because we have been too tired or not in the mood for all the cooking it implies. Also, buying all the ingredients, especially the fish isn´t cheap, so we´ve been postponing it for ages now. Yesterday I suggested it again, and as we were both off from work, we decided it would be a good day to buy all the groceries and just go home and cook sushi for dinner.

He also needed to take the car to the car wash - his car was incredibly dirty, especially on the inside. I kept mentioning it to him every time I got on that front seat full of breadcrumbs and dust. We left the house at around 12:00 and drove to the carwash. I was so upset with how long it took for the guys to clean everything. Bruno and I just stood there for nearly an hour waiting for the car to be ready. There wasn´t even any café around where we could just sit down and relax while the car was being taken care of.

As soon as the car was ready, we headed to ASDA to buy all the groceries we needed.

I was so upset when I realised they didn´t have anything we needed! No nori sheets, no rice for sushi…NOTHING! We ended up buying just a few things we assumed would be cheaper in ASDA than Tesco or Sainsbury´s. I really didn´t want to make the same mistake and go to another supermarket who would not have what we needed. Bruno was sure Tesco´s would have all the things we needed, as we´ve always bought them in Tesco´s. For a minute we actually considered postponing the whole thing one more time, but I preferred not to be lazy this time, and actually go and look for every ingredient we needed.

When we arrived at Tesco´s, we found every single ingredient we needed. I was also surprised with how expensive everything was. I keep thinking this is not London anymore, and assuming the groceries will be cheaper, but I also keep forgetting they are supermarkets after all. I guess the prices are the same all over the country.

Once we got home, we opened a bottle of Portuguese red wine, and started cooking! Portugal makes the best wines in the world. Honestly.

I don´t normally drink, and if I do, it will never be more than a small glass or two. I am also not entirely a fan of red wine. I can drink it and enjoy it (especially if it´sPortuguese), but to be honest I prefer sweeter drinks. I love ciders, champagne, and lambrusco. Rekorderlig´s are my favourite in the UK. I don´t think we have them in Portugal, but I am truly a fan! I love the strawberry/lemon ones.

We spread the ingredients all over the balcony and started cooking. We bought sushi rice, salmon, avocado, seafood sticks, wasabi, white vinegar and sushi nori.

We started by cooking the rice with the right amount of water and let it rest covered once cooked. We followed the instructions strictly, but for some reason the rice ended up being slightly undercooked. So if you ever buy sushi rice from this brand, I would advise you to let the rice rest for another 5 minutes added to the 10 minutes the instructions suggest.

While the rice was cooking, we started laying our nori sheets and cutting the salmon, avocado and seafood sticks.

After that, we opened the nori sheets, and put them on top of the bamboo roller we have. We filled them with the cooked rice, and then with anything we wanted for the inside. We made sushi rolls with nothing but seafood sticks, other with just salmon, and some with salmon and avocado.

Once the ingredients were added to the rice, we rolled up the nori sheets and cut them into individual sushi rolls.

Everything tasted really good. We served the sushi with soy sauce and enjoyed a glass of wine with the sushi. It was worth the wait!