Why I’ve swapped my wristband for an Apple Watch

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I was very sceptical about the whole Apple Watch thing. As much as I love apple (I am an Iphone user myself, and I simply couldn’t be able to go back to an Android phone if you asked me to now). I’m not a huge fan of, for example, Macs. For some reason, I find the buttons and functions of a Mac very ‘hidden’. Even though you probably need less clicks to get to where you want to go, to me everything feels too confusing and it definitely takes me longer to get around with a Mac than it does with a normal PC. In a Mac, you have to use a lot of shortcut buttons and I simply don’t get along with that. This is my opinion, at least. I’m not trying to start a war, here. I grew up being taught how to use PC's at school, and no one ever taught me how to use Macs...I know you kind of just have to get on with it and learn. It's the 21st century, after all! But sometimes, if I need something done quickly, it definitely takes me longer to do it with a Mac Computer.

About a year ago, my boyfriend got himself a second hand Apple Watch to see what the fuss was all about with these watches. He is a proper Apple fan! Iphone, Mac, you name it. I obviously stayed very loyal to my Technaxx (you can check the previous posts in ‘my workouts’ section of this blog.). I’ve always found the other wristband very light and practical. The size of the Apple Watch had me worried;I was used to such a light weight resting on my wrists whenever I went for a run, that the Apple Watch looked really heavy to me.

A few weeks went by and I was encouraged by my boyfriend to give it a go. So I borrowed the watch for a few weeks. I was still a little bit sceptical at this point, but after he showed me all the information that could be stored in the app, functionalities of the watch and that you could also access everything on your phone, I thought there was enough potential to give it a go. I’m guessing you already know what happened next. Haha! I completely fell in love and stole it from him! Woops!

The watch is actually so much lighter on the wrist than it appears. I was positively surprised when I tried it on, as I was expecting it to weight a ton! It’s super light! My only issue with the watch was its battery life. But this is a problem that happened because we bought a second-hand watch. It was fine in the beginning, but after about a year of using it, the battery wouldn’t even last a full day. I’ve kept dragging going to the Apple store to get this sorted for a few months, not going to lie…and as the warranty on the watch was about to expire, I knew I had to take care of it soon. I’ve brought the watch to the Metrocentre’s store, in Gateshead, and we tried to figure out what the problem was. I hadn’t used the watch in a week, so we had to plug the charger in and wait about 25 min just for the watch to come to life. When the store assistant tried to reset a few things on my watch, he couldn’t for some reason. The watch wasn’t even connecting to their servers (I can’t remember exactly what the problem was). I was in the store for about 2 hours! – (not even joking!) As the two hours were up, I was sent home with a problem that wasn’t fixed, apart from the fact that I was told to update my Iphone software, reinstall the phone app, and leave the watch charging overnight. I was to then return to the store. I left pretty frustrated, not going to lie. I had just wasted 2 hours for nothing! The problem was still there. As an apology for not fixing the issue, they extended the warranty on the watch for another month. When I bought the watch, the charger that came with it was also much damaged and covered in duct tape – I think the charger was the main reason for the problem I was having. Once I’ve ordered a new one from Amazon, the watch miraculously started performing much better – the way it’s supposed to!

All problems aside, as soon as everything was functioning properly again and I’ve started to use the watch more, I immediately started enjoying it more. The watch app, called Activity not only gives you information about how many calories you burn, it shows you how many minutes of exercise you’ve done in a day, how many hours you’ve been active, it counts your steps, distance, and it even awards you with ‘achievements / new move records’. It also tracks how close you are to your daily targets.

Another great thing about the Apple Watch and the phone app in particular is that you can connect it to other apps, such as Runkeeper (an app I am subscribed to and use quite a lot if I run outdoors!) This means that your entire workout data is immediately connected to your watch app and all the information is uploaded onto the app on your phone right after your exercise. That’s something I love about the watch. Instead of wasting time adding things manually, everything is synched automatically. I also find the watch much easier to check information on the screen. I don't need to press any buttons like I would have to do on my previous wristband. Doing that while you run is extremely frustrating. With the Apple Watch, you simply lift your arm, look at the watch, and it tells you! Right in front of you.

With the watch problem finally solved, and keeping in mind that getting back in the gym is one of my New Year’s resolutions, (I want to workout more and keep track of my progress), I strongly believe the watch will be a very crucial part in the process. I have signed up to Gym Etc. in Gateshead, and even though it is not a 24 hour gym, I can manage to plan my workouts daily, as I work a 9-5 Monday to Friday job. I am very excited to see the changes in my performance and my body once I start working out 3 times a week at least.

I’ve already been to the gym once this year and I'm going today as well. I have to say that I was actually positively surprised with my first performance. I thought I was really going to struggle, but instead, I felt amazing. Endurance wise, I did pretty good! Maybe it all comes down to the right mind-set while working out. I was very determined to make it through the first workout and give it all I had. But the truth is I was scared before I went on my first training session, so I actually left feeling proud. Still, the truth is I’ve been at a much better fitness level than I am now. WITHOUT A DOUBT! So I'm going to start slowly and build up my times without rushing things. One day at a time, one step at a time.

Let's go!