Walter's story - Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Walter was walking down the street head down and hands in his pocket, when a wasp gently landed on his shoulders. It was a quiet, sunny Tuesday morning and the flowers were blooming. Oblivious to the creature, he kept on walking whilst jingling the coins in his pocket and talking to himself. And then it happened! Across the street, two women ran like the devil himself was chasing them. Blond and brunette, they both ran towards an old red car. They opened the doors, jumped into the back seats and the tires screamed as the car took off. Police sirens echoed through the roads and Walter’s blood pressure increased. With his eyes wide open, he suddenly felt paralysed and couldn’t catch his breath. This could not be happening again! Not after everything he’d done to get back to his normal self. Not after all the sacrifices he’d made. Not after giving up his life to save his sister. Could he really be back to the nightmare he wished he’d never got himself into?



This is amazing! It's like I was visualizing everything as I read. Awesome creative work!