Showing you my neighborhood

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I've been living in Gateshead for about a year and a half now. Sometimes, I forget how pretty my surroundings are, and how lucky I am to live here. Today I decided to go for a long walk around the neighborhood (I haven't done this in ages!). I took my camera with me to take a few pictures. I was out for a few hours, and it was soo good to feel the wind in my face! I have been locked in the house since Friday, so it was good to go out for a change. To be honest, with the amount of work I had to do at home including cleaning up the house, doing laundry, cooking and meal prepping for the week ahead, organising files and documents, and other fun things, I don't really see how I would have managed to do much more. I mean, days are still only 24 hours long, right?

I was frustrated during the weekend because I had so much to do, but thankfully, this was a bank holiday weekend. Which gave me one more day to organise myself and get stuff done. It is now Monday and I am sitting down with a cup of tea writing about my day.

Gateshead is very pretty. I am not in love with every single neighborhood, but I have to say I absolutely LOVE where I live. Just by the river, close to town, I have everything I need right here. The thing I love the most about living here (apart from the little café down the street that serves AMAZING food and drinks every single day), is the proximity to the river. I live literally about 50 steps away from the Riverside and I love it! Every time I go for a run, I love to have the river right next to me, watch the birds fly and the sun go down in the evenings. I have seen some pretty amazing sunsets here. And I love it!

I also love my neighborhood because of the cute little houses. I love the design and I would love to be able to afford a house right here. The houses are my favourite part about this neighborhood. I love how small and cosy they look from the outside. I love all the gardens and flowers.

The atmosphere around you is warm and cosy and the neighbors are nice and friendly. This is one of my favourite areas in Gateshead, and I feel very blessed to live here.

Walking along the river can be so peaceful and fun. There is so much to see and photograph. I am surrounded by beauty from both nature and houses. It´s a pretty perfect place for photography too. There´s so much detailing in everything you look at! When the tide is very low, you can see all kinds of steel and boat pieces stranded in the sand. This is like a dream for photographers, and you often see people carrying their cameras around, photographing these things.

I took those pictures during my long walk. It's funny how there's so much to see and photograph. You literally jut need to look. I got used to taking my camera with me everywhere I go now, especially with the new job as a digital marketing manager, I rely on my camera a lot! I love photography, and sometimes I think to myself 'what's the point going out and taking pictures of the neighborhood again, when I've got so many already?'. But the truth is, I always end up going and come back with loads of different shots from perspectives I had never experimented with before.

Going on these walks is super fun, and it also helps me with my photography skills. Every time I go out exploring with my camera, I have the chance to experiment different camera settings and play with my aperture and ISO to try and create different photo effects. I am learning a lot as I go with photography, and these walks are the perfect opportunity for me to keep learning while exploring.

The contrast between old and new is what makes the perfect balance for this estate. And that is another thing I love about it. I tried to take a great picture with the pigeons on the picture above, but they flew away as soon as I got a little closer.

All the courtyards in this estate have very unique and cute names. From 'winter's pass' to 'December courtyard', not forgetting the cutest one 'Christmas place', every single street here is surrounded by flowers in the summer and leaves in the autumn. The names were inspired by the seasons of the year.

I also love how quiet this area is. There are practically no cars out and about, there's absolutely no noise at night. All the gardens are so well maintained and taken care of, which adds even more magic to the estate!

I love living here. And even though Bruno and I are planning to buy a house pretty soon, I know I will always have good memories from this place. But for now, I will enjoy every minute in this house that I absolutely love. And soon I will hopefully have a place that I can call my own, decorate it the way I want to, and feel even more at home.

I hope you liked this post. I will make sure I keep you updated with everything that I will be up to this week.

See you soon!