Running, fit bands and my daily goals

My workouts

I never thought I would actually ever say this, but my life has changed significantly for the better from the moment I got myself a fit band. I have never been educated in how many steps or miles we should walk every day, and that´s not something you will learn in school. I´ve always thought the ideal daily steps you should do, or miles you should walk would be so much less than it actually should be. When I decided it was time to get back in shape and start eating healthy and exercising more, I thought a fitness band would be a great idea. I had never had a fit band before in my life, and decided to buy a not-too-expensive one to give it a go, and see if I liked it. I obviously didn´t want to spend a lot of money in something I wasn´t sure I would even use or like. I bought a TechnaXX TX37 about two years ago. I still have it, and I still use it every single day!

The concept is very simple. There´s so much information you can access to just from the fit band. It tells you the time (obviously), how many steps you´ve walked,how many miles you´ve walked, how many calories you´ve burned, and also the percentage to target daily. You easily can set your weight/height info, and choose your own targets through the app. So whether your goal is to lose weight or maintain your weight, this fit band is ideal! Why?

1. It is super light! You don’t even feel you´re using it. I promise. It weighs nothing!

2. Your progress can be monitored through the app,including your sleep pattern, calories per day/hour, miles walked, percentages to plan, and general graphics with your progress.

All you need to do every night is synchronize the information with the app on your phone, and it will save your progress. Even if you forget to synchronize everyday, don´t worry. The fit band will save your ´days´, and it can save up to 4days of data.

I really like the fact that it is so light. I´ve always rejected watches and fit bits who are too heavy after a while. Especially during the summer, or wheneverI go for a run, I have feeling something heavy pressing down my wrists, and I feel like most of the times it messes up with your blood flow. Maybe because I don´t like the feeling of something not tight to the wrist just moving up and down whenever I workout. I prefer something light and simple. Something that will not make me itch all over once sweat starts building up on my wrists. This fit band was the solution I was looking for.

But there´s so much more to it. Through the app you can also monitor sleep patterns, how many hours of sleep you´ve had, and, once again, the app shows you all the graphics with all this information.

I think it´s really important to keep track of the calories you eat. I also use several different apps on my phone like “my fitness pal”, who track my calorie intake every single day. I just need to write down what I eat, and it tells methe calories. You can add any product you eat from any brand, and the app will tell you how many calories is in your food. It doesn´t matter if you bought it in Tesco´s, Sainsbury´s, Morrisons, Walmart, you name it! I rely on that app al ot. Also, if you put down how many calories you burned on that day, it also adjusts the calorie intake according to how much you exercise. Even when registering your workouts on the app, it also has a huge variety of workout options, or you can create your own.

The only downside to this fit band would be the battery. You need to charge it viaUSB I would say about every week during the first month or so…and after that,about every 2 to 3 days. Right now, and after two years, I charge mine every48h, approximately. I´ve tried other fitness bands and I don´t thing they areas accurate as this one. I´ve recently tried one for a while, but it kept counting too much calories burned compared to the TechnaXX. Some days I would go to bed, the fitness band would restart at midnight and bring all records back to zero, and once I woke up, it would tell me I´d burned 800 calories in my 8 hour sleep…which I found a little hard to believe. In these things it´shard to know who you can trust. I trust my Techna XX, but you can have your own preferences and there are a lot of options in the market these days.

When it comes to my daily goals, I have my fit band set to 20000 steps minimum and1000 calories. I don´t really pay much attention to miles. As long as thec alories and steps are there, I don´t care if I got there running 3 miles, or walking for 8h straight. It is important to keep track of this.

The other good/bad side to this is how addictive this fitness band is. I find myself coming home every now and then and my monitor shows 800 calories. I go crazy and start running around the house, doing little squats, and pretty muchanything to burn those extra calories and make sure I don´t miss my goal forthe day. It´s the first fit band that can do that to me. Normally I wouldn´tgive it much importance, but this one just makes it so addictive! I don´t wantto see a 99% to plan´ or a ´900´calories burned instead of 1000. The wholething is just so addictive. And this can be really healthy, because it makesyou reach your goals. On the other hand, if you have a day off and you reallydon´t want to move that much….it can get to your head and be annoying. I feelguilty sometimes for not hitting my goals, but this fitbit has proved to be oneof the best
I´ve ever had with a short budget.

I finished my day today with a total of 1311 calories burned.

I know this isn´t the best of the fit bands in the market. i know there are far more advanced fit bits out there, but if you´re looking for something simple, not expensive and with good quality, I would definitely recommend this. It´s been two years, and i still use it every day. i can´t imagine my life without knowing how many steps I walk, or how many calories I burn. 

See you soon!