Running, First Snow and Jesmond Trip

A lot has been going on lately. Between work, workouts, photography and using my days off to do the things I like, I´ve been busier than I´ve ever been before…and I love it! I love the way I plan my days and actually keep up with my schedules. I couldn´t be prouder of what I am accomplishing. I haven´t blogged in a while because there´s so much happening in my life right now, but this is just the kind of excitement and stress I need to keep myself active and doing what I love. I basically finish my days feeling tired to the point I fall asleep the minute I hit the bed. And this is the kind of active I´ve been trying to achieve. Especially when it comes to oversleeping in the mornings, whenever I am off. I´ve been trying to change that habit. I´m not going to lie, some days are pretty hard. Making myself get up from bed when I´m feeling lazy and tired is a challenge. But I´ve been doing just great and I´m proud of myself.

But let me take you back to Friday, the 29th April. I woke up in the morning, looked outside the window and literally screamed of excitement once I realised it was SNOWING!!! Yes…SNOWING! I was so excited I immediately grabbed my camera, plus my phone, and it was a non-stop photoshoot. I was so happy and excited to see the big fat snowflakes falling from the sky. I had never see something like this before.

Yeah…I know…it´s only a little bit. But remember, I had never seen proper snow falling from the sky. The proper fat snowflakes falling from the sky is something I had never seen before. So for me to be able to experience this, it basically made my whole day worth it! Once I arrived at Eldon Square before my shift, I also took my camera out and took a few more pictures of the hail falling. The snow lasted only about ten minutes, unfortunately. But I was still grateful to be able to experience that. I made so many videos, and every time I watch them again, I always feel so excited and happy. I´m a bit crazy! :D

But anyways…I had a caramel latte at Starbucks just before work, and even though it was freezing outside, I was brave enough to sit outside with my mug of coffee, just in case the snow decided to fall again. I wanted to be ready!

The coffee was pretty good, and I enjoyed staying outside in the cold. After I finished my coffee, it was time to work. I was on a long shift all the way until 10:30 pm. I got home exhausted and went to bed. On Saturday I was off from work, and that only meant one thing: I had time for photography, music, and workouts! I spent the whole morning being lazy with Ozzy, because I was feeling super tired and my body was aching all over. But I won´t make this habit. Ozzy was being silly, as usual, sleeping in funny positions and running around the house like crazy!

For lunch, I made a fresh salad and I boiled some cod fish with herbs sauce. It was delicious. The salad was so fresh, and I could tell just by it´s colour it was going to be a good one! I was right!

After lunch, I waited a few hours and went for a run. It wasn´t my best time ever, but there´s always next time to improve. I always have a problem when Irun, because my throat gets super super dry! And once it happens, it just becomes so difficult to continue. When I used to run at the gym, my times used to be incredibly better, because my water bottle was always at hand, and there were no ups and downs. I was the queen of the treadmill. I could easily run at the same pace for 50 minutes and call it a workout. But to run outside it´s so much harder, because you need to set your own pace and keep it. There´s no treadmill there to keep a constant speed for you. You have to do it yourself and then there´s the cold air, constantly drying your throat and there´s no water to drink. I used to hate running outside. But I´ve been trying to convince myself of the advantages of running outside. All the pictures of sunsets I get to take, all the beautiful landscapes I get to see, etc.

And of course, I had to take another picture of another beautiful sunset. My running time has been improving day by day, and I am so glad about that. I was always a terrible runner outside. Bring me a treadmill and I´ll easily run for 60-70 minutes at the same speed. But outside? I would normally do half the miles in double the time. I´ve been trying to improve my running outside and every time I go for a run I really try and push myself to the limits and d better than the day before. It´s been working.

I´ve been using the runkeeper app to run. I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and now I´m addicted to it. I love the way it tells me how many miles, calories, time, incline I´ve done. I love the way it makes graphics with my progress as well.

On Saturday I received a package from Amazon with something I ordered a couple days before. Now that I´m working at the restaurant, I had to have some coffee training, because I had no idea how to make lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, you name it. I had no idea how many shots of expresso they are supposed to have, how much milk, and how to froth the milk. After having my coffee training at work, and being the coffee lover that I am, I was determined to make the same drinks at home with the same quality. I´ve tried making a cappuccino at home the day after my training and it came out terrible. And then I realized why: the milk! I was constantly just boiling the milk on the stove, but I was taught it creates bubbles and air in between the milk, and that was why I could never get that creamy consistency they get with professional coffee machines. So I decided to buy a cheap milk frother from Amazon. I tried it out and I was so happy with the result! Finally I was able to make cappuccinos and mochas and lattes with a creamy professional-looking milk. The milk frother I ordered is called ´Aerolatte´ and I couldn´t be happier with my purchase. First of all, it only costed me nine pounds (bargain!), and secondly, it does the work!

See how good those look? The milk is so creamy and soft. It´s delicious! If you´ve ever wondered if it would be worth it buying something like that, I can tell you it is! I´m not sure about spending a lot of money though. I bought this cheap one and it does the trick. I don´t think I would spend more than 10 pounds for a milk frother.

On Wednesday I was off from work again, and I´ve decided to get myself on a busand go explore Jesmond. I had seen pictures of the big park with waterfalls, trees, animals, and I had been dying to have a free day to go there and take my camera with me. I woke up early and got on the bus to Jesmond. I took so many pictures! I absolutely loved the park, how quiet and chilled it was. I loved how people were just sitting under trees having picnics, and I was super lucky with the weather. The sun was shining and it was super warm. It was a beautiful day. It was great I decided to go, because it was kind of like a workout. I climbed all those hills inside the park, making sure I explored the whole thing and took pictures of everything. Just before I arrived at the park, I saw a neighborhood with the cutest houses ever! They all had beautiful gardens with colourful flowers and they all were so well taken care of.

The park was absolutely breathtaking! It felt so good to be surrounded by so much nature and trees. Every time I took a deep breath I could feel the air so clear and clean! My lungs said ´thank you´. Here are a few pictures I took from the park. Sit back and enjoy them!

I really enjoyed my day off.  I am so proud of how well i´m using my time off to explore, take photos and do my music, not forgetting my workouts. It´s been a very busy week, but i´m keeping up with my goals and dreams. I hope I will have news for you very soon. Stay tunned! :D