One day, 10 close-ups challenge!

Photography, Home, My life

This weekend, I gave myself a challenge. I woke up in the morning, looked at the weather outside and realised it was too good not to take advantage of. Then, I realised how much I really missed the old days at the old house, when I would just wake up and go for a walk in the park surrounding my neighbourhood, specifically to take pictures of whatever interesting flower, plant, tree or rock that caught my eye.

Long story short, I couldn't remember the last time I'd done photography like this. It's not that I'm not doing photography anymore, but now that my full-time job involves a lot of photography (which I absolutely love!), it's hard to have a creative mindset on the weekends.

I never really mentioned what my job was before, because I didn't want to raise my expectations if things went wrong or I didn't love it for some reason, but I am a Marketing Executive for a children's nurseries company in the UK, and my job involves everything I love to do: blogging, traveling from nursery to nursery taking lots of pictures of the children and their activities, managing all the social media channels, running marketing campaigns, doing monthly reports, etc. I love it!

But let's go back to the challenge... I know there's still plenty of beauty in our world waiting to be photographed, so not only was this challenge a way for me to snap out of my weird zone with photography on a personal level, it was also a great experience and learning process.

So, I woke up on Saturday and drove to the Durham Heritage Coast, in the hopes of exploring some majestic cliffs and getting up close with the natural beauty of the coast. Durham's Heritage Coast is known for its colourful, dramatic landscapes, with beaches, rugged cliffs, and imposing headlands, and I could not wait to start this 1 day / 10 close-ups challenge.

Here are my results. I hope you enjoy them!