NEVFEST - North East Vegan Festival

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I'd heard about this Nevfest 12, a North East Vegan Festival taking place in Gateshead a while back, and I've always had every single intention of going. I mean, you can't simply skip an event like this, right? I managed to convince Bruno to join me, so after we woke up on Saturday, we drove to Gateshead's International Stadium, where the even was taking place, and we were ready to try some yummy vegan food and learn a little more about the vegan community.

The even was organised by the Farplace Animal Rescue. The tickets were £3 each, and all the money went towards vet bills and food for animals in shelters. We were blessed with a glorious weather, blue skies and 24 degrees, so it was a shame that the event was taking place indoors. But...I guess when in the UK, you have to plan things around the chances of rain...

We parked the car at the stadium's free car park, and we went inside, not knowing what to expect. At the entrance, we were given an information booklet with all the different conferences and events happening. For example, at 1pm there was a 'How to turn a man vegan in 45 minutes' session, and I really wanted Bruno to attend this one...haha! But there was so much more: from sessions to find out how to join the rapidily growing animal rights organisation, all the way to documentaries and movies being shown at different times, there was lots going on.

Once we walked through the doors, you could smell all the yummy food immediately! We both knew this was a bad sign...haha! Before we begun trying some delicious vegan treats, we decided to have some freshly squeezed orange juice.

The oranges were slightly bitter for my taste, but after all, I've always had a crazy sweet tooth, and I enjoy orange juice better when it's very sweet. Still, this was a great way to start the afternoon! As we walked from one stand to another, we explored all of our options by going around all the different tables and checking out their goodies....

Vegan brownies, vegan croissants, vegan muffins, vegan cupcakes, vegan donuts, vegan burgers, vegan burritos, vegan hot dogs, vegan EVERYTHING - this place was insane and I was seriously surprised to meet and chat with people I'd never met before in my life. It's amazing how everyone shared the same values and ideals when it came to food, and we even chatted with a few people about the improvements on awareness of veganism , and how companies are finally slowly starting to launch more and more vegan options, as they know there's a huge demand.

I started to get hungry with all the food surrounding me (does this happen to any of you as well), and after much deliberation, I opted for a vegan burger. I chose to order my burger from a stand where you could customise your own, by choosing either a spicy or normal burger, plus any dressing and toppings you'd like.

I saw the burger on display and I thought 'damn this looks insanely good!'. At this point, there was no turning back for me. The burger was a little pricey, costing £5, but I have to say it was TOTALLY worth it.

It's funny how when I ordered there was barely any queue at this particular stand, but after I ordered mine it felt like the queue just grew and grew...I actually felt a little embarrassed for the 'burrito's guys', who were standing next to us with barely anyone ordering from their stand. Still, I had to wait about 4 or 5 minutes to get my precious burger. But hey, perfection takes time, people!

The antecipation excitement was real! As I took the first bite, I was in vegan-burger-heaven!

After having a first bite, it was Bruno's turn to order some food. He opted for a mixed box of indonesian food, and his also looked incredible. I took a bite, and even though some of it was a little too spicy for me, I still enjoyed the whole combination of flavours. Yum!

We found a table with empty seats and we decided to sit down and properly enjoy our cruelty-free lunch.

As soon as we were done, we very well knew that one thing was missing....dessert!!! And we knew exactly where to get them from...

These photos are so you know just much food and especially pastries and cakes there was! We gave it much thought and consideration when choosing which ones to have for dessert, and choosing one wasn't easy! We even found some adorable cookie monster cupcakes, which was a funny coincidence, since Bruno was wearing a cookie monster t-shirt. So, naturally, I had to take a photo of him next to the cupcakes.

How hilarious is this photo? Sorry...but it had to be done! As for our desserts, while Bruno went for a chocolate covered donut (I obviously had a bite...), I opted for an apple and raisins' filled pastry with icing on top. It was delicious! I thought Bruno's was a little on the dry side, but I really enjoyed mine.

We wondered around for about two hours before we decided to head back home. The weather held up, the sky was still blue, with not a single cloud. We drove back home with both car windows open (say whaaaaat? In England??), and as soon as we got home Bruno went to bed, as he'd been working through the night on Friday. He got home at around 5am (bless him!), but he still wanted to join me so I wouldn't go to the festival by myself. What a keeper! 

Right now, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee while blogging about this awesome day! I can't wait for my next adventure.

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend, and I hope it's sunny and warm wherever you are in the world. See you soon.





The food looks insane!
It was honestly delicious. I could have another burger right now!!! 😊 Thanks for reading x
Omg all the food here looks amazeballs! Gimme gimme gimme 😍
I wish there were vegan festivals every day....😂 I’d be there! It was so yummy, honestly! Xx
Miss seeing your updates hun!
Thanks, sweetheart. Work is killing me at the moment, unfortunately. 😭 But I’ve got an exciting trip planned before the end of this month.
I totally get it, but hope you have a great upcoming trip. Can't wait to see photos/updates from it 😊 xo