My first photo shoot as a photographer!

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It came out of nowhere. No, literally! My passion for photography means that I follow a lot of artists and photographers on all social media. Mainly Instagram, but I am also a part of a photography group in Newcastle upon Tyne. One day, someone posted on the group asking if anyone would be available to take some photographs of a little girl, prior to her birthday party at the end of February. This sounded right up my street. I immediately started imagining the kind of fun photographs we could take using some props like confetti, glitter, nice outfits....

I replied to the message asking the lady, Kiran to send me a private message to discuss things further and demonstrated my interest in the project. And the next thing I know, we are discussing outfits, props, and booking a day to meet up.

We met up and I got to meet this adorable little girl with a gorgeous smile. The first time we met, I chose our usual local Café (The Staiths Café). After a pleasant conversation with both Kiran and her daughter, and after I'd discussed a little bit of my passions in life, why my interest in the project and why I was so excited to get involved, we scheduled to meet up on Sunday, 10th February by the Riverside in Gateshead. I was beyond excited! My very first, pretty serious, photographic project. Everything was on the line! I mean, imagine if I messed up all the photos? What if they all turned out blurred...?

Kiran was lovely. She provided all the outfits and brought some glitter so we could play with it and use it as a prop to bring the photos to life. Her little girl was over the moon. Her smile was contagious, and I knew I needed to capture that through the lens the best I could. Sunday soon came, and we were so lucky with the weather. The sun was out, the blue skies seemed to come to stay (well...for a little while at least). We stopped at the Café for a quick drink, and soon it was go time!

We tried a few different outfits, and I took my time to adjust the camera settings, not missing opportunities to take a photo when the timing was just right. The little girl was definitely not camera shy! I think it was definitely a good plan to meet up prior to the photo shoot day, so she could warm up to me. While we were in the Café, we played with some toys and I made her laugh at different things. It's funny how making kids laugh always comes so natural to me. Maybe it's because I'm a goofy at heart; maybe it's because I love to be invited to see the world through the eyes of the little ones, but this time was no different. She giggled her way through her summer berries juice, and she was clearly too excited to finish her chocolate brownie.

We started off with the river on the background, where I took advantage of the blue skies, reflections and gorgeous lighting, and we then moved to a quieter area, surrounded by playgrounds, trees and houses.

By the end of the session, we said goodbye, and I will now also photograph the actual birthday party, which has been rescheduled to the beginning of March.

Driving back home at the end of the photo shoot, I was super excited and couldn't wait to transfer all the photos to my computer and crack on with editing them. I spent hours glued to my screen and did not want to move! My heart melted with all the photos.