My 'before 30's bucket list!

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Lately, I’ve been finding myself constantly thinking about some of the things I would love to do before I’m 30. Some of them are actually pretty simple or easy to do, but I just haven’t done them yet. Whether for convenience, comfort or simply laziness, there’s so much I still want to do, and the clock is ticking...!

I turned 26 this year, and the reality of the amount of things I still want to do with my life just hit me like a lightning. So many adventures I still want to go on; so many hikes with fantastic views I want to do; so many countries I’d like to visit. I thought that putting it all in writing could actually help me to plan how to achieve these things and make them happen, so I can tick them off as I go. And I’d like to share that list with you. Should we get started?

1. Horse riding on a beach – I think I’ve had this dream since I was very, very young. I love horse riding, and I’ve done it in Portugal for quite a few of my teenage years. I love all animals in general, and I feel as if I had a special bond with horses. Horse riding on a beach must be one of the greatest feelings in the world! Preferably with a sunset in the background, this has been a serious dream of mine for many years, and I’ve never even looked it up to try and make it happen. But can you imagine the freedom? The sound of the waves and the wind blowing? Riding along a deserted beach with nothing but yourself and your horse? Ahhh... (I really need to come up with a plan to make this happen!)

2. Hike a sizable mountain – I would love to hike a big mountain! Whether in the spring, summer, autumn or winter, I am not too bothered. As long as I actually do this! Pack a backpack, put on some hiking boots and just go! It wouldn’t have to be in any country in particular, but I would actually love to do it in Canada, particularly because of the views. My God, are people who live in Canada lucky! I’ve never been to Canada, but I’ve seen enough pictures online to know that if and when I go to Canada, I am definitely hiking a mountain, or at least taking millions of pictures of the mountains and breathtaking landscapes. But, like I said, it doesn’t have to be in Canada. Where I live, in the UK, we actually have some pretty breathtaking views as well, and there’s certainly a lot to explore. I really wanted to experience this before I turn 30. I’d like to hike more than one mountain, and experience many trails, documenting it all in pictures.

3. Camping on a mountain – This obviously links with the previous one, but have you ever imagined waking up in your tent, looking out and seeing a beautiful landscape of mountains? Covered in snow, or fully green with trees? Have you ever imagined waking up to a morning fog on top of a mountain, having a cup of coffee and exploring nature around you all day? And not having phone signal all day, so you really take in all the nature and beauty surrounding you? I really want to do this soon! I always get so excited browsing around on Instagram for pictures of people camping in the mountains, following trails and documenting it all. I want to do that too. And obviously take my camera with me!

4. See the northern lights, and see LOTS of snow – These two are linked as well. I have dreamt of seeing the northern lights for years now! Also, because I am Portuguese and we don’t have snow in Portugal, I would love to visit somewhere where it snows a lot! I don’t mean just the floor covered in frost. I mean real snow! Real minus 20 plus temperatures and sceneries covered in white. I mean thick bright clean snow. I mean drowning your feet in snow with every step you take. I mean triple coats, scarves, gloves, hats, fireplaces, cups of hot chocolate...the whole thing! Antarctica would do the job, for example! Since moving to the UK, I thought my chances of actually seeing proper snow (many inches, not just frost) had been quadrupled. After all, it hasn’t snowed in Portugal for about 50 something years now, so I knew my chances in moving to the UK had to be better than that. However, I am always disappointed and fooled by the media who keep insisting every winter will be the worst of the ‘last 50 years’ – a common tabloid header every year in the UK. They fill you up with expectations...and you keep waiting, and waiting, for nothing. It’s all lies. Global warming, right?

5. Visit the Grand Canyon and go on a road trip around the USA – I don’t even think I need to say much about this one. It’s Grand Canyon...period. I’d also like to visit route 66, and many other places in the US.

6. .Visit Canada – I’ve been to the USA when I was little – maybe 7 or 8 years old. And while I’d love to go back and revisit, I have never been to Canada and this is a place I would definitely love to visit for a couple of weeks. There’s so much to explore and see. Not only the mountains and great hikes I could do, but also for the whole atmosphere, culture and people. And, of course, those breathtaking views. I’d love to visit Canada in the autumn, but also in the winter to experience loads of snow.

7. Shower in a waterfall – I would love to visit a big waterfall and shower in it. Talk about embracing the nature around you...!

8. Settle at a job that I truly love – I have been struggling with this one, maybe because I am too picky. But the truth is I am still to feel fulfilled with a job that I love and think ‘this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life!’ Even though at my current job I am using skills such as writing and photography, everything has to be within certain rules and guidelines, and it doesn’t give me the freedom of expression I wish I could have. Whether it means changing job or combining the one I have with something else for extra money and experience, I’d really love to settle for something I really truly love. And I am dying to feel that sense of accomplishment yet. And I’d like to be at a highly paid job that makes me happy before I am 30. This is under construction, but I sometimes feel like I hit so many bumps in the road that I am just tip-toeing through things, instead of running after what I want. Or maybe I’m being self-destructive and hard on myself. Maybe I actually do run after my dreams...I just haven’t reached them yet. But I am moving towards them. Fast or slow, movement is movement, and action is action. And I am not settling until I find my passion and dream job. I’ve still got 4 pressure!

9. Enjoy a white Christmas – pretty self-explanatory.!

10. Own a property – I would like to own a house before I am 30. I’ve rented all my life, and even though I am currently looking at houses to buy, owning a property is definitely something I look forward to. A place to call my own, design and decorate the way I want to, etc.

11. Own my dream car – Yup, Fiat 500, I am talking about you! Hehe...Hopefully I can make this happen in four years.

12. Fly in first class – Because...come on, who doesn’t dream of flying in first class? Maybe this one doesn’t have to happen exactly before I turn 30, but it sure would be cool if it did, right?

13. Spend a New Year’s Eve at a different country – watching fireworks in USA Times Square, for example. Or any other country. As long as it’s different and exciting.

14. Write a message in a bottle – How cheesy does this sound? I’d love to do it though.

15. Learn how to surf – I’ve never even tried surfing before! I’d love to learn though.

16. Visit a volcano – Active or dormant, it wouldn’t matter. I’d love to do this, and obviously take millions of photos of the scenery. Most of my bucket list wishes are actually nature related. I just love nature and the thought of all these beautiful places to visit would really make me happy.

17. Mail hand written letters to friends who I’ve been out of touch with for a few years – not only for the gesture itself, but because nothing beats a good old fashioned letter arriving through the post.

18. Scrapbook my travels – A few years ago, I used to be really organised with my diaries. I’d keep them tidy and save everything from receipts, to letters, to magazine articles, to book quotes I found interesting. I’d scrapbook my travels with what I’ve seen, where I ate, photos of places, postcards of places I went to, etc. By the end of the year my diaries were always so full of content and colour, with receipts, quotes, experiences, all documented into a little diary. I’d love to start doing this again, and as soon as possible. Of course with this one, comes the desire to travel more.

19. Travel – I will end by bucket list with this one. I’d love to travel more. There are so many places I haven’t been to. So many spots I am dying to explore; so many pictures I’d like to take. So many cultures I’d like to get to know and new foods I’d like to try. I’ve got a long way to go, and only 4 years to do it, if I want to accomplish these things before my 30th birthday. The problem is that most of these things can be so pricey. A trip to the US or Canada alone can cost so much just for the flights, not to mention accommodation, food, etc. It takes a lot of money. I wish I could just win the lottery!

In the meantime, I’ll just keep dreaming and ticking things off this list as I go. There are a lot more things I’d like to do not before 30’s, but before I die. That list is never-ending!

I hope you liked this post, and I am sorry if it ended up being too long or boring. 

P.S - none of these pictures are mine!





What a good bucket list! I would like to do many of those things myself 😊
Thank you 😊 I'm sure I've missed many things. But this is a work in progress. I'll add more as I go... haha. Thanks for the nice comment.