My autumn plans and photos

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Autumn is my favourite season! It could be easily replaced by Winter if we had any snow in the UK. But since I haven´t seen much of it for the last 4 years of living here, I guess Autumn is working its way to the top! From comfy coats and boots to hats and scarves, not forgetting those ‘pumpkin-everything’ versions of food, coffee and merchandise, the season coming is definitely my favorite!! There’s nothing quite like the sound of those crunchy leaves everywhere you walk; nothing like watching and photographing the rainbow trees as the leaves fall to the ground.

Lighting candles in the evenings, watching the sun go down every day a little earlier and drinking hot chocolates and warm coffees is all part of this season that I love. Autumn is a cozy season. Those evenings in ‘couch potato’ mode, with nothing but my pyjamas and a blanket, some candles and a hot beverage in my hand are all I dream of now. I am so ready for autumn!

Nature has always fascinated me, particularly because of its colors. This is definitely a rainbow-season, hence why I love it. For this blog post I decided to share some thoughts and photos I have been taking as a way to document these summer-autumn changes in nature and how magic this season is.

For Autumn or even Halloween seasons, I don´t normally decorate the house in any particular way - (I always save the craziness for Christmas...). But I would be lying if I said I never regret not doing it. The best example of this is actually pumpkin carving. My God, I have ALWAYS wanted to have a go at pumpkin carving and go crazy with it. And maybe for this reason, this year I seem to be getting more excited over Halloween than Christmas. But then again, it’s still super early to be talking about Christmas, right? After all, it’s still September 8th.

Before I moved to the North East, I thought that Halloween was a very ‘american’ concept. In a good way, don’t get me wrong. You have no idea how I wish I could teleport myself to the U.S every fall/autumn season. Who wouldn’t love to walk through those colorful streets of fallen leaves and pumpkin-carved ghost lights in every porch and doorstep?

A couple of years ago, when I was still living in London, Halloween wasn’t more than an excuse for teenagers to get drunk. It meant Halloween dressing up parties and drinking all the way until morning. I had never experienced any trick or treaters either whilst living in London, even having lived in a lot of different areas of the city. I lived in both houses and apartments, and not once has a kid knocked on my door. (Maybe I was just lucky…)

Last year was my first Halloween in Gateshead. I live in a very cute and cozy neighborhood, but because I wasn’t used to celebrating Halloween much, I assumed no one else would be up for that up here either. After all, Gateshead is a much quieter place when compared to London. Maybe people didn’t care about Halloween that much?

Boy, was I wrong! Long story short, my doorbell must have rang at least fifteen times on Halloween night…and I had ZERO sweets! I mean ….zero! You know those days when your kitchen cupboards are literally empty because your weekly grocery shopping is way overdue? I mean that kind of empty! I have never felt more embarrassed in my life! I had to pretend I wasn’t home, turn off the lights in the house and ignore the doorbell. You get the picture.

I am basically hoping to redeem myself this year. I have even put a note on my phone with an actual alarm for a few days before Halloween just so I don’t forget to buy some bloody sweets – (Pun intended). So bring on the pumpkins, because I am not missing out this year. Get ready, kids, because I am going to give you so much candy it will last you until next year.

Halloween aside, bring on those comfy coats, autumn photography, hot chocolate mugs, scary movies, scarves and everything else…as long as I don’t forget those sweets! Also, even if I don’t go crazy with Halloween decorations inside the house, I am buying at least one pumpkin. I really want to try pumpkin carving this year. I have never done it before. The worst that can happen is me ending up making a soup with all the scraps. Or if the scary faces on the pumpkin end up looking like Easter bunnies. (Now wouldn’t that be funny…Or even creepy!)

I would also like to dress up this year, or at least wear a mask so I can scare those doorbell ringing kids to death! But this is as far as I’ll go. No spider webs or scary plastic monsters inside the house. Apart from my pumpkin carving project, when it comes to decorations this is as far as I’ll go: a simple mask and a hand-carved pumpkin.

For the past couple of days I have been snapping some photos that show the season changing. I love how the trees are already changing colors and the leaves are turning orange and red.

And, of course, I’ve already had a few cups of tea and coffee, some of them gingerbread flavoured while relaxing on the living room’s couch with a blanket and fluffy socks. I don't know if I'm having this urge to ´fallerise´ everything this early, but it could possibly be because of the temperature and weather in Newcastle recently. The skies have been grey, every day it's been raining...and I have surprisingly been in the best mood just at the thought of everything I will be able to photograph, from coffees, to scarves, shoes and candles....

In the evenings, I’ve started to light the candles on the TV stand. This is the best way to spend an evening watching Netflix series or movies, with my blanket and comfy socks, of course. The house feels so cosy, and I’m sure I will soon start turning on the heaters. I literally can’t wait! Bring on the autumn season. I am ready!