Introducing...Stanley & Marvin

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The other day, Bruno was browsing through the Internet when something on his phone caught my attention. I can't remember if it was an add on Facebook or on any other platform. All I know is I saw the cutest robots made out of wood, with eyes made out of screws, and some lovely expressions on their faces. I remember thinking 'wow, this would be so good to photograph! I could use them to do so many different things with my photography.' Little did I know that Bruno was chatting with the owner of these handmade beauties to try and buy them for me!

When he broke the news to me I was really excited! I got to choose exactly which ones I wanted, as he had several different ones - all with different sizes, shapes and expressions. Bruno then sent me a screenshot of the conversation he'd had with the owner of the robots, and how he was happy to sell them to him, as he knew they'd be coming to a good home! He was also curious to see how I'd use them and I promised to send him the pictures I took. A few days later, they arrived throught the post. I opened up the parcel and I was so excited to see how cute they looked! I had work the next day, but I promised myself to take the weekend to photograph the robots.

Today I woke up really early and took them for a walk in the woods, as I searched for inspiration among Nature. I had roughly an idea of exactly what I wanted to do with them, and my plan was to create an Instagram account just for them and use cute dialogs between them, always photographing them both.

But first, I needed names! As I came back home this afternoon, I took one good look at the pictures and immediately decided one of them would have to be called Stanley. Don't ask me why...the name just popped into my head and I felt it fitted like a glove! The other one was a little harder to come up with. I thought of Martin, Marvin, Marlin...I knew it was going down that road. I ended up choosing Marvin.

Just by their expressions, I've then decided that their personalities would be very different. Marvin would be all brains, logic and common sense; Stanley would be the silly one - the one who always asks unnecessary questions, and who questions everything. The one who never gets a joke at the first time.

These were my initial thoughts, but these two personalities will shape themselves, really. I am excited to see where this little project takes me. Not only will it be good for me and my photography, I hope I can make people laugh and enjoy my pictures. I've decided to always post pictures with little dialogues between them (if you read my post about 'a day in th elife of Pickle, the cat', you'll know what I mean by this).

You can follow their Instagram account at

So let's do this...let me introduce you....Stanley & Marvin.

“I told you playing with matches was a bad idea, Stanley! Now look what you’ve done!”
"Hey, be nice! There's people reading this, Marvin."

'I'm not sure about this one, looks dangerous!'
'Come on, Marvin! Weeeeee!!!'

'Come on up, buddy!'
'I'm trying, Stanley! I'm trying!'

'Marvin, the view is so beautiful from up here! Hurry up!'
'You do realise where you're sitting, right?'

You can expect a lot more pictures of these two! Follow us on Instagram:





This is such a creative post! I loved it!