Handles and doors...the Portuguese struggle!

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Am I the only Portuguese out there who seriously struggles with the whole ‘push/pull’, every single day? Do your arms also freeze as they reach out for the door handles while your brain does all sorts of mathematical equations to figure out what you’re supposed to do, starting with a recap that “puxa” is the exact opposite of “push”, so when in Portuguese you’d “puxe”... here, you don’t “push”... you “pull”? While this happens, there’s a queue of people behind you... also wanting to get through the doors, probably thinking “is she having a stroke? Is she going in, or what?”

... And in the pressure of it all, I find myself pushing and pulling at the same time, which 9 times out of 10 results in a frantic anxiety attack with sweat dripping down my face, while I perform a raging, not-at-all graceful push/pull dance, much like prisoners in their cells....

Finally, you get through the damn doors, only to then want to crawl into a ball and die right there and then. Dyslexic or not...automatic doors, I LOVE YOU!!!