Going to a workshop & becoming in tune with the natural world!

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The moment I saw an event on Facebook for an evening of Seasonal Journaling, where we would create our own journal to take home and decorate in any way we wanted, using all sorts of materials / textures, types of paper and techniques, I knew this was just the right event for me! So much, in fact, that I purchased my ticket over a month prior to this event.

Yesterday, after work, I drove to The Staiths Café not really knowing what to expect. From the description of the event, it sounded right up my street, and it certainly didn't disappoint. I arrived at the café earlier. The event started at 6pm, but I chilled upstairs with some coffee, while I chose a full table just for me, so I could comfortably enjoy all the arts and crafts to come (greedy, I know...).

With the sun setting on the horizon and a stunning view of the river, I started reflecting on all the changes around me at this time of the year. I love to notice the little changes in the trees, the colour of the leaves, the weather...and even though I have wanted to document everything before (scrapbooking was one of my New Year's resolutions), it felt like I never knew where to start or how to start. This often made me think...what even are the rules of scrapbooking? Could it really be entirely free of rules?

Slowly, everyone started arriving for the event. The event was held on the upper floor of the café, where the music was slightly tuned down, and the mood surrounding us definitely emphasised the autumnal atmosphere.

Soon, the lady who was running the event arrived, and in no time there was a full room, with about 15 people, all women (go figure...)! She brought up lots of bags full of goodies: paint brushes, crayons, pencils, ink cartridges, ribbons, colourful papers with different textures and patterns...stamps with different letters, fresh hand-picked flowers. The minute I saw all the different tables assembled with all of the materials, I was over the moon! All I wanted was to crack on and get started on my journal!

Everyone was given a little notebook to take notes during the introductory 5 minutes of the workshop, where we talked about what seasonal journaling is, the importance of documenting the changes in nature, all the benefits of journaling the seasons, and also what the plan was for the rest of the evening. Then, we were free to move around the different tables, and have a look at all the materials available. I was in love with the texture of most of the papers provided.

After having a look ar all the materials, we proceeded to making our own journal. So, everyone picked up different textured papers, some white, some colourful, and some even plain black. Before we assembled our notebooks for documenting all the seasonal changes, we used a few tools to punch holed through the pages and bind the notebook together. There were different types of strings available, I went for a colourful red and white string to bind my journal.

I have to admit that it took me a little longer than everyone else to finish binding my notebook. but this is simply because I've used more pages inside. Each page would have to be trimmed in a machine, then placed in the correct position...then I'd have to punch holes through the notebook so I could bind it all together with string. Even though it took me longer than everyone else to do this, I was trying to stay positive and think that I'd simply have more pages to fill in...and that was fine with me!

I was surprised at how relaxing the whole workshop was. Not just the environment and music surrounding us, but also the activity in itself. I'd never felt more relaxed in my whole life!

With the notebook complete, it was time to start filling in the pages, but not before we were shown the most amazing technique of pressing flowers with a hammer onto a piece of paper. This technique would guarantee the most incredible flower stamps! I was amazed, and had a go myself at printing a few flowers, adding the printed masterpieces onto my notebook.

The two hours of the event flew by! The minute I hear the lady say "it's time to start packing everything", I could not believe it.

We were allowed to take some of the available materials home, so we could continue and complete our seasonal journals at home. Even though my journal wasn't as elaborated as some of the other journals, it didn't matter. This event was all about teaching us what we can use as materials for these types of journals, as well as give us some imagination and creativity with the examples of things that could be used to complete them.

I designed most of the front cover of my seasonal journal, and I also started the design of the first two pages. I now plan to continue to fill this journal, and maybe even make a bigger one, with more pages!

This workshop has given me tons of inspiration for my future Seasonal Journals. I wouldn't mind doing these workshops every week, for the rest of my life. Creating memories in a journal is such a great way to document what you're feeling, what you see, and the changes in the environment that surrounds you. And I can't wait for the next event like this. I know for a fact I'll be there!