Getting back to the gym and overall January review

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Getting back to the gym has been more fun and less painful than I thought. Not only did I think my fitness levels would have been way worse than they actually turned out to be, I thought I would dread going to the gym for the whole month. Turns out, it was only the first week and a half that was hard to get used to. Once I was past that point of no return and after I got used to the routine of having to go to the gym, things started to feel better: my leg muscles weren’t as sore, I wasn’t as tired and my runs improved. Also, of course, the time spent at the gym became more and more enjoyable.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get back to the gym, and so far I am keeping my promise and working hard to achieve my goals. My first official day in the gym was actually the 31 December 2017. Yes, I wanted to end the year on a high…!

During January, I’ve kept eating healthy. I didn’t eat a single thing that wasn’t vegan, and….guess what! I haven’t had a SINGLE fizzy drink! – Is it stupid to feel so proud of myself for this? All I’ve drank was either water or tea. Oh, and as for my water intake, apart from some weekends and less than a handful of days during one particular week or two, I’ve managed to drink two litters of water every single day. I am very proud of myself for that. As for take-away orders, I ended up having to order a take away twice this month. But, on the bright side, I haven’t had ONE cup of coffee in a coffee shop. I haven’t spent a single pound on coffee, which I am very proud of. I literally went from spending money on 2, sometimes more coffee cups a week to not having a single one for a whole month. Talk about accomplishments! I’ve also managed to lose weight, eat healthier (with nothing but a few exceptions for cheat meals on the weekends…) and cook more! I’ve tried a few new recipes this month and ordered a bunch of vegan recipe books to help me with ideas for meals.

I’ve also managed to do much more freelance writing work than ever before. I was hired for a considerably big job that will last until the end of March, where I’ll have consistent work. So, as you can see, January was a very busy month, but a very positive one! I’ve read before blog posts about how to hit all your goals for the year, where people give you tips to help you be successful with this. And it is true, people! If you put your mind to it and have enough dedication to stick to it; if you use every hour of every day to the fullest, you absolutely can hit every goal of yours. Of course not every day is going to be perfect. I’ve had days where my gym gear was in the car and I chose to drive home instead, after my work was over. Some days I was lazy, and other days I was weak and had vegan mayo with my meals, for example. But everything in moderation is okay, right?

But let’s get back to the gym. I have always been an ‘indoors runner’. I would rather run for longer on a treadmill and put less effort into it, rather than running outside, doing worse times, getting more tired and, especially, not be able to carry water with me. (Yes, I know I technically could carry a bottle of water, but to me that’s just an inconvenience. It weighs a ton and the water jiggles everywhere, throwing you off balance and making you more tired). Plus, when I run, I drink A LOT of water. I mean a litter at least! It’s just not practical for outdoors running.

Maybe because of this, I found my first workout to be quite ‘okay’, considering how bad I thought my fitness level would be.

In January, I went to the gym a total of 19 times. I’m surprised I even went that many times. Below is a list of my running times during this month. I’ve also added the 30th December, as this was officially when I got back to the gym.

30 December 2017 – 65 minutes on the treadmill / 7.81km
3 January 2018 – 56 minutes on the treadmill / 7.06km
4 January 2018 – 43 minutes on the treadmill / 5.16km (I had problems with the treadmill on this day. After 30 minutes, the speed was automatically reducing, and I had to manually keep increasing it to the point where it got exhausting and I gave up. I had chosen the wrong setting on the treadmill before the workout begun).
6 January 2018 – 58 minutes on the treadmill / 8.14km
7 January 2018 – 30 minutes on step ladder (109 floors) + 25 minutes cross trainer (I needed a break from the treadmill because my knees started suffering…but I was still determined to going to the gym).
9 January 2018 – 54 minutes on the treadmill / 8.01km
10 January 2018 – 22 minutes on the treadmill at 15 incline + 29 minutes step ladder (111 floors)
12 January 2018 – 61 minutes on the treadmill at incline 15 / 5.73km
13 January 2018 – 58 minutes on the treadmill / 9.03km
15 January 2018 – 30 minutes on step ladder (138 floors) + 16 minutes cross trainer
16 January 2018 – 15 minutes on step ladder (78 floors) + 50 minutes on the treadmill / 6.55km
20 January 2018 – 60 minutes on the treadmill / 9.31km
22 January 2018 – I arrived at the gym and realised I had forgotten my trainers. And I was wearing high heeled boots. So it was a no to the gym, but I did do a at home workout for 40 minutes and I did break a sweat!
23 January 2018 – 34 minutes on the treadmill / 4.44km (my knee was hurting again…)
24 January 2018 – 50 minutes on the treadmill / 8.56km
26 January 2018 – 64 minutes on the treadmill / 8.78km
27 January 2018 – 59 minutes on the treadmill / 10km (This was my very first 10k under an hour! I was determined to get to that milestone on this day and nothing would have stopped me!)
29 January 2018 – 60 minutes on the treadmill / 9.25km

I find it so important to keep track of my progress. Looking back I see that compared to my very first workout on the 30th December, I’ve managed to go from 7.81km to 10km under an hour in just a month of going to the gym. So if you are like me and you are very, very out of shape, there is hope! I was a mess when I first began with these workouts. My whole body was aching, it was a nightmare and I had to push through the pain every day. But the good news is…it can be done! I just wanted to give you a quick review of this month of going to the gym. I feel better than ever, even if my knee still hurts slightly when I run. The last couple of runs were actually pain-free, so I’m hoping this was just an injury due to the high amount of activity I’ve put my knees through this month. Bring on February! I am ready!




Wow you should ABSOLUTELY feel proud!! What a great first month to this year and so many accomplishments. Eating healthy, working out and your job opportunity.
Thank you! Let’s just see how long I can keep this motivation for...can’t wait to see those abs... haha!

I need some workout motivation from you! I've been so bad lately at actually making time for working out!