Freezing cold, more snow and some photography!

Good morning!

I'm sitting at my desk with a cup of tea by my side and looking out at the garden covered in snow. I've always had a hard time believing in what the weather forecasts say because most of the times they are wrong, but I'm starting to believe this winter is actually being colder than average, just like the experts warned.

We've had snow once again in Gateshead, and this time I think we actually got the biggest snowfall I've ever seen in my life! No, we're not drowning in snow, and it's totally not a 20cm high white blanket out there either, but it's definitely the biggest amount of snow I've seen...ever! Of course, this got me all excited!

It all began last Wednesday night, when strong winds and crazy snowfall hit us badly. So bad, in fact, that on Thursday morning when I looked outside I knew for a fact I would not be going to work. The storm was just absolutely crazy. It was snowing fast, the visibility was horrible and the God the wind!. There was no way in hell I was going to get in the car and drive to work. Actually, there was no chance I would even leave the house!

I checked the news after realising how bad the weather really was, and surprisingly read that all over the North East of England the emergency services hadn't stopped all night. We've had massive, serious crashes on pretty much every single highway, and the whole town was an absolute chaos! Most of the schools and nurseries got shut down and I never thought I would live to experience as much snow as I did. It's probably just me exaggerating, though. Because I've never seen so much snow, I'm probably leading you to believe it was way more than it actually was. But still, when I stepped outside to play in the snow (no judging, you knew I was going to!), my feet sank significantly in a blanket of white.

Work ended up being cancelled for the day due to the snow, so I found myself with lots of free time to do some photography and enjoy the scenery around me in a proper way!

I was as happy as a child! I just wanted to keep that memory and feeling of walking in the snow forever engraved in my brain. The sound of the snow under your feet as you walk is one of the best sounds ever. You can tell how happy I was by those photos, but my GOD was it freezing cold outside!

Everything was white and so beautiful! I went for a long walk around my estate and took my camera with me to document it all. It was so hard to take pictures in this cold, because I needed to take off one glove to be able to use the camera properly. My hand kept freezing so quickly, and the temperature kept dropping all the way to minus 4. But I had so much fun!

In some of the roads, my feet would sink all the way to the top of my boots, nearly getting to my knees - something I'd never experienced before. As I explored everything around me, I took some pretty interesting photos of the snow and nature. I found a few spots that I loved to photograph in.

I didn't want to limit myself to photographing during the day, so I challenged myself to go out at night and attempt a few shots of snow and maybe some cool bokeh! I was very determined and excited to get at least one good shot in this very, very cold weather.

I was fascinated by how quickly the light around you changes colours when it snows. It can be grey, completely white or even blue! There was so much to explore and experiment with my camera, and despite of the cold I wanted to document it all.

The city lights in the background added a touch of beauty to these photos. Even though I'm still learning to shoot at night, there's something about these that I love - a simplicity and vulnerability of nature, embraced by those cold and warm lights in the background.


I had so much fun properly enjoying snow for once. Yes, it can be very cold and uncomfortable to photograph: your hands might freeze, the light might not be the best, and if it's snowing in the exact moment you're photographing, the snowflakes  can ruin some of your pictures if you don't know how to handle a camera properly. I'm still learning how to use a few functions in my camera and every day I learn something new about shooting in manual mode. I want to learn how to shoot in the snow better so that my next snowy photos can have better quality. Still, I had so much fun for the past few days. I hope we can have a few more days of snow to enjoy before spring comes along. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful and well-deserved weekend! See you soon.