Four years later...And I finally see some snow

Ever since moving to the UK I have been wishing and wishing for some snow! Some proper snow. Snow that settles. The kind of snow you can build a snowman from. The type of crunchy sounding snow you can hear in every step you take. The type of snow you can photograph! The whole 'winter wonderland' / 'everything-covered-in-white' type of snow. But, so far, all I've seen for the last four years was a little bit of frost! Moving from London to the North East of the country last year was exciting, and a part of me knew I would get to see some snow for sure! I mean, it's the North East after all, right? How wrong could I be? Massively. Two whole minutes of a tiny little bit of snow flakes falling from the sky was all I was entitled to in the whole of 2016. As we entered 2017, my hope grew in the first few months of the year...especially with all the British people insisting that 'it would come, but it would happen for sure between February/March.' So as December went by snow-free...I kept my hopes up until the end of March but the outcome was the same: no snow. The worst part? The media! Media tabloids kept lying and lying, and even though I knew it was all lies, a part of me still believed it could possibly be true, that we were having 'The Worst Winter Of The Last 50 Years!' and therefore, a lot of snow had to be on its way.

This year was no different, and as soon as we entered the month of September these news started appearing everywhere once again. Did I believe them? No, I certainly didn't. But, of course, a part of me wished they were true.

It's now the 1st of December, and I am writing to tell you that I FINALLY got to experience some proper SNOW! Yesterday my iphone's weather app was forecasting a little bit of snow for Gateshead, and quite a lot in Sunderland. Funny enough, I had a work meeting in Sunderland at 9am.

So there I was, driving to work, when all of the sudden, MASSIVE snowflakes start falling from the sky! I felt a mixture of emotions! I started crying and laughing at the same time, and even though I was a little terrified of driving in that weather, I decided to keep going until I reached my destination. But then I thought....since I had my camera with me, stopping was a PRIORITY! I NEEDED photos of the event in case it stopped within 30 seconds (the type of 'snow' I'm used to seeing!) I was so excited! I pulled over as soon as I possibly could, grabbed my camera, stepped out of the car and started Snapchatting, doing Instagram stories and taking pictures with my camera - multitasking at its finest! I was more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve! People were starring at me, probably thinking ‘why did that crazy woman step out of the car? Can’t she see it’s snowing?’

I could not believe my eyes! It was falling so quickly that within less than five minutes, the ground was completely covered with snow. I later struggled to move my car from the spot I had temporarily parked in, but hey... it had to be done! I probably wasn't even allowed to park there, but I wasn't going to waste time checking!

After the pictures, I finished my journey into work, delighted with the whole situation. At work, I got to enjoy a little bit of the snow as well (I have recently changed jobs...again...woops; but I'll tell you all about that very soon - I promise!)

By the time I got back to Gateshead, I took a good look at my car and realised it was covered in thick snow. I was so happy! Driving back home from Sunderland I got to experience beautiful white landscapes with trees and everything covered in white...this was a FIRST for me! Naturally, traffic was very slow, but this only meant I got to enjoy it even more.

I feel so blessed to have had the chance to live those moments. As soon as I got to Gateshead (where I live), the weather was normal. Definitely cold, and we've had a few snow showers, but nothing like what I saw in Sunderland.

For this blog post I would like to share with you some of the photos I took yesterday. They are not perfect, and I certainly couldn’t be picky and take my time with it, like I usually do with my photography. Plus, I was there for work, so I could only photograph whenever I stopped the car here and there for some quick shots.

I hope, however, that you enjoy these few pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

This photo was one of the first ones I've taken, right after I've pulled over! Can you imagine how quickly it was falling that it covered my car and the ground within minutes?

Such a pretty scenery! I loved watching the snow fall and the ground getting whiter and whiter until everything was just a big massive white blanket of snow! My favourite part was probably hearing the sound of my feet in the snow! That crunchy beautiful sound with every step you take. I can’t remember ever experiencing it to that extend before in my life. Can we have snow every day forever please?

Winter Wonderland scenery right there!

I hope you can excuse the not-so-good-quality of these photos. I don't really know how to shoot in the snow, and I was way too excited to try to figure it out right there and then. I was probably shaking from excitement too...(or cold! Brr...)

How unintentionally cute did my car look though?

I had such a great day yesterday! Not only did I get to see some snow, but I also got some positive feedback from work, I've received a couple of exciting parcels. I was brave enough to drive in the snow - I got to enjoy a scenery of snowy trees and lovely white landscapes. Overall, it was such an amazing day! I really hope we have more snowy days this winter, and I wish the snow would settle for a few days the next time. Am I asking too much? :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!