Exercise creative writing

Creative Writing

Meghan just didn’t know what to say. After all, how could she describe herself in just a few words? Was she a control freak? Did she have a bad temper? Was she too nice to people at times? Was she so in love with life that she always wanted more and more from it? And if so, was that a sin?

She was good with words, and words always flew through her mind and mouth easily, but it was at times like this she really struggled. She sat in the chair with her chin up and those glistening eyes wondering what to say. On the other side of the desk, a male figure impatiently starred at her, waiting for an answer.

“So…?” – his words echoed across the room, and that made Meghan feel like she was auditioning for the X factor, except there was no crowd to applaud or “boo” at her. Her eyes opened wide, and she simply said:

“If you want to find out more about me, maybe you could just….hire me? And see for yourself…?” – She laughed nervously.

“So that’s it? You´ve got nothing else for me?” – he frowned, confused, and even though his appearance was impeccable with that three hundred dollars suit, his face now looked like Simon Cowell’s after a very bad audition.

“We’ll be in touch…thank you for coming!” – He stood up, shook her hand and left the room.

Meighan, on the other hand, remained in that chair as if she was glued to it. Her expression was now blank; her eyes had lost their spark and slowly started watering. “What is wrong with me?” – She thought.

She stood up, grabbed her coat and bag, and prepared to leave the room. With her head down, she slowly started walking towards the door. Across the hall, there he was! And right there, for a fraction of a second, her mind switched back on and she thought about how silly she was being. She couldn’t just waste an opportunity like this! She knew what she had to do. But was it too late? After all, this is all she ever wanted, ever since she was little. And so, she ran towards him with her head up and full of confidence this time. She approached him and said:

“Can I just give you this?” – She'd handed in a piece of paper full of words, top to bottom. In reality, there wasn´t much more she could have done to redeem herself, but she wasn’t a person to give up on things.

“I'll have a look into it”.

She smiled. He smiled. And Meighan slowly walked away towards the lifts fighting the urge to scream of happiness. Was it too late, or had she just nailed her dream job?



Beautiful post and exercise. I will try doing this myself. What a clever, creative idea! x