Ending the year on a high...with SNOW!

You've guessed it! The snow has returned to Gateshead, and I couldn't be happier. I woke up this morning and starred at the window watching rain fall from the clouds. I remember thinking that it looked like it was about to snow, and about twenty seconds later I almost choked on my breakfast as I realised it was, in fact, snowing. I finished my cup of coffee in a long last sip, put on my boots and went outside to shoot with my camera.

It wasn't snowing much. Only a few tiny snowflakes, but as time went by they got bigger, and bigger! Unfortunately, I had to drive to work and I felt so sad knowing I'd have to be locked in an office until 4:30pm when the snow would stop at around 2pm. Little did I know I was going to get sent home with the rest of the team due to severe weather conditions around Gateshead areas. Traffic was a nightmare, and because we don't have snow very often, the whole city stopped and it was chaos.

I saw myself leaving the office at 10am. I jumped in my car and drove back home. The plan was to document everything and take pictures of my neighborhood and surrounding areas. I can confidently say this was the most snow I've seen where I live. I was obviously as excited as a child on Christmas Eve!

I am not even joking, but the amount of snow we've had WAS FINALLY enough to build a snowman. Or two. Or three! My neighbors sure had fun...they built two.

I've decided to walk along the Riverside as the snow was falling. I was multi-tasking Instagram stories, photography, carrying an umbrella, carrying my camera bag, and watching my step so I wouldn't slip and fall on my face...

The trees looked absolutely breathtaking! The snow was falling quite heavily here, but thankfully I had an umbrella to protect my camera from getting soaked. I also had to grab some gloves, as my hands were freezing! I think this is the hardest challenge with photographing in the snow. Not only do you have to get the camera settings right, but in my case I had to remove one glove to be able to shoot properly, and it meant my poor hands were constantly freezing.

I looked over to the river and was able to see everything covered in white on the other side, in Newcastle.

A few families walked past me with sledges, and everyone seemed so happy to see some proper settling kind of snow. My neighbors were saying they hadn't seen snow like today's in years! Maybe all the people responsile for those disappointing weather forecasts and media headlines warning the 'worst winter of the last 5 years' were right after all...?

I love this picture because of its contrasting colours. That's one thing I love about snow. Because of its whiteness, any colours around it stand out so much more than they would on a normal non-snowy day.

Even though it was snowing today, I didn't rush my photography. I made sure I took my time to photograph everything, even if it meant my feet would get soaked and my hands would literally freeze.

I left the house with about 75% battery, and by the time I got back the phone was switched off due to low battery. I don't think I've ever filmed so much or taken so many pictures in the space of an hour with my phone. I went through trails I had never gone through before, and walked up hills in the snow looking for perfect spots to snap some pictures with my camera. I wanted to take pictures of the scenery, but I also wanted to get close to objects and nature, and document that too.

I almost got lost at one point, because I couldn't find my footprints in the snow to go back. I was all alone (I am crazy), so it could have easily become dangerous. Especially when I have the brain of a chicken, and struggle to remember things. Adding to that, my sense of direction is actually also pretty awfull...so you get the picture!

Everything looked magical around me. Sometimes I wondered if I was in a dream or if my eyes were actually seeing this much snow. Oh, and of course I had to throw some snowballs! I mean...am I even actually living a snowy day properly if I don't throw a few snowballs at the trees?

I was at it for hours! And I wasn't even tired. My poor hands were red from the cold, but I was enjoying every second of the day. My feet started to feel soaked but I still didn't care. Eventually, it stopped snowing, which made possible a lot more and better photos.

Walking back home after hours of exploring, I walked past the Christmas Place sign and just had to snap a quick photo. How appropriate was the name for such beautiful winter wonderland scenery?

As soon as I got home, I grabbed Stanley and Marvin (if you don't know what I'm talking about, please check my blog post about them), and took them outside for some pictures. I had to end the day knowing I had done my best when it comes to creativity and photography. These snowy days don't come often, and I was so lucky to be practically given a day off work due to the weather. I grabbed the timberbots and went outside, and came up with this shot.

- ‘Marvin, why is my bum all wet???’
- ‘I asked you twice if you needed the toilet before we left, Stanley!!’

I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve, and that all your dreams come true for 2018. This will probably be my last post of the year, and I am very happy I got to end the year on such a high...with snow! What are your plans for New Years Eve? I need ideas of things to do. Drop me a comment and let me know.