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I´ve been working a lot of hours lately. Every week I´ve been doing around 45 hours at the restaurant. And because of that I have to say I am very proud of myself on how I´ve managed my time so far. The main thing I´ve been trying to focus on daily is time management. I´m trying my best not to let myself get lazy and stop doing the things I love because ´there´s no time´ to do them. There´s always time. It´s important to do the things we love, so if you ever feel like you don´t have ´time´ to do them, then it´s probably because your time management isn´t the best.

This takes me to last Thursday. I woke up super early, took a shower, got dressed and left the house. I was on a 12-9 shift, which was great, considering I´ve been doing 10-12h shifts lately and I hate how time goes by so slowly. I´m not used to working that many hours in a row every day. I decided to go out for breakfast and treat myself. My body was aching all over (probably from the run on Wednesday evening), but there´s was something more than that going on. I felt weak.

I´d been dying to try a specific café since I first noticed it on my first shift at the restaurant. Olivia´s place.

I love the shape of the bar, to start with. For weeks I had been wondering what it would look like on the inside, but I was always scared to go in and find out it was way too pricey…(how do you get yourself out of that one once already inside the café?)

So,on Thursday I finally decided to go in and see for myself. I was not disappointed at all! The staff was super friendly, and the food was delicious. I had a really relaxed breakfast, which was just what I needed before my long and never-ending shift. And, of course, coffee was definitely on the menu! Even though things were pricey as I had predicted, the quality of the food and coffee was really above my expectations.

The detail of the wooden spoons on each table with a number was too cute! I just had to take a picture of that. My body was feeling particularly ill and weak this morning, don´t ask me why, so I decided to treat myself to a not-so-healthy breakfast, and made this be my cheat day. I ordered a cappuccino and a toasted teacake. The teacake came with butter and jam.

It fuelled me so much I felt full of energy when I was done. The teacake was delicious. They cooked it just perfect. I used half of the butter and did not use the jam. The coffee was really tasty as well. It made me feel more awake and energized in general. I was ready for my shift! It´s always so hard for me to take the first sip knowing I will ruin the coffee art. I am crazy about coffee art. Sometimes I spend hours on instagram just watching videos on how to make certain shapes. It´s addictive! Unfortunately, I couldn´t stare for too long, and eventually, I had to drink my cappuccino. ´Sorry, coffee…´

Their menus were very organized and they also serve lunch and dinner. They always have fresh bread and pastries. I will definitely be coming back to try more things in the future.

After my shift at the restaurant I was absolutely tired. But like I said before, I´m trying really hard to push my limitations and boundaries every day, and I don´t want to settle. I want to keep working hard for what I want. So, once I got home on Thursday, I put on my gym clothes and I went for a run through the riverside walk next to my house. Once again, the timing was perfect and I ran with the sunset in the background – not without taking pictures first!

Like usual, the weather was gorgeous! I am crazy about sunsets. I could literally take pictures of every single sunset for a year and I would probably end up with a very good collection of pictures. Sunsets are so magical. It was so great to run in this weather with the sun going down. I wish I could always run at this very time and witness endless sunsets.

I did pretty well with my run too. It´s true the saying that the more you run, the faster you get, and this could literally happen from one day to another. I´ve seen it happen with myself. My running times used to be awful. But everyday I managed to run more miles, burn more calories and in less time, and run without ever stopping.

I went home after my run, took a shower, and cooked some dinner. I had some vegetables on my fridge and they were about to expire, so I decided to make a soup for dinner with the veggie´s leftover. I cooked them in water and a little bit of olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper, and then I blended everything together. I added some croutons for extra texture.

After dinner, I played with Ozzy and went straight to bed. This week has been very challenging and tiring, but also so much fun. Tomorrow is my day off, and I´m planning a lot of great things to do. I will keep you updated.