Day off - no excuses!

I've been trying to change the habit of sleeping way too much on my days off. I always feel like I waste half a day in bed. It's ridiculous how the day goes by and you realize you haven't done much. I hate that feeling. Especially now that I'm working 45 hours a week, I feel like if I don't use my days off to go out and explore, take pictures and workout, I will never do it. When else would I have time to do these things? It's already bad that I have to work that many hours a week, so I really need to learn how to use my time the best way possible. Now that I'm finally setlling down, there are no excuses. I need to stay focussed and create a routine that works for me. I need to focus on the things I love. I also need to start dedicating more time to music, as I haven't played piano in a while, and I really need to start recording songs. But, to be honest I don't want to focus on the negative things, because they always bring me down. I might not be doing EVERYTHING I want at the moment, but at least I'm doing SOME THINGS. I just need to come up with a way to bring music into the picture.

Tuesday was my day off from work and I decided to change the habit of waking up late and set up my alarm for 9am. I used the first hour to organize and clean the house. But before that, of course, I had breakfast!

I had cereals with almond milk. I love cereals in the morning, because it fuels me up for the day. It also prevents me from getting hungry again a couple of hours later. After eating, I took a shower, got dressed and went for a walk from Gateshead to the Metrocentre in Newcastle. It took me about 35 minutes each way. I really enjoyed my walk because google maps sent me through alternative routes with no cars, and away from the main road. I basically ended up walking in the woods through mud, and tiny scary paths with nothing but trees around me.

My boyfriend Bruno immediately panicked (!), and told me to be super careful. I personally love adventure and I cannot say no to a good challenge. I had no idea where I was going, as I had never taken that route before to go the city centre.

At some point I got out of the woods and was able to do the last 10 minutes of my walk to the Metrocentre with the river just next to me. That view was just breathtaking and made me feel so lucky and thankful to live where I live.

Of course I had to take my camera with me and I took millions of pictures of absolutely everything! i walked passed cute little houses in the middle of the woods and even one or two hidden pubs in the middle of nowhere!

This was one of the little pubs. I was so lucky with the weather as well. The sun was shining, and even though there was a breeze in the air, it wasn't unpleasant at all. It felt like a proper spring day, and trust me, I don't get many of those up here. The sky was absolutely beautiful and blue, and the sun was shining strong. I arrived to the Metrocentre and went to the train station to renew my weekly travelcard. When I was done, I went back home and walked all the way back. This time, I went through a different route, as I wanted to explore as much as possible!

This was the bridge I crossed back to Gateshead. I also took a picture of a bird standing next to the bridge singing. Unfortunately, he got away the minute I tried to get closer to him, but IBwas still able to get a nice picture.

I started approaching my house. I had no idea where I was, but I recognized the cute little houses and how they all looked similar to mine. I knew I had to be close to my neighborhood. I love how adorable these houses are. I hope one day I can buy one of these literally by the river with awesome views! I love the whole design and colours of these houses. And I bet they look pretty awesome inside too. Plus, they are not expensive!

When I got home, Ozzy came to greet me at the top of the stairs. He's so cute!

After I got home he went to the living room and just stood there sunbathing, stretching and making funny poses. I had to take pictures of him! He's so silly. :)

I got home so late I didn't even realise I hadn't eaten anything. So I cooked some fish with peppers, avocado and baby potatoes, and it was delicious!

To finish up my day off, I went for a run late in the evening when the sun was about to go down. I love to run at this time, especially during the summer. It just makes me feel so good and motivated to run and thankful for what I have in life. I am crazy about sunsets, I take hundreds of pictures of sunsets. There's something so magical about them. I actually didn't even want to go for a run. Thanks to my boyfriend Bruno, who always tries to keep me motivated and push me to do things I need to do, I ended up going and witnessed a beautiful sunset. I took my phone with me and took about 30 different pictures before the actual run.

Wasn't it beautiful?

Once I got home I immediately got in the shower and went straight to bed. I was exhausted.

I will keep you updated with everything that's going on in my life. Tomorrow I have to work early, but I will soon post more news, more photos and recipes! Stay tuned!