Creative writing exercise - 'Breaking free'

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Breaking free

It’s the same unceasing, disturbing battle of the head;
A force that grew roots to the bottom of my feet,
To the very core of my soul.
It’s the heaviness of all the years of silence,
Doubts and secrets that left me for dead.
Drowning in fear, unable to regain control,
I swing my arms attempting an alliance:
A delayed break from mistreat.
But there’s no love, nor colour or light,
And my heart prepares for defeat.
…The years keep going by…
My chains corroded upon my compliance
Before I put up the big fight.
But then, out of nowhere, a voice of hope:
An idea worth a buy!
Now slowly, on repeat and under a microscope
We light up the dynamite;
And it’s really no rocket science….
After all, it was about time to let it blow!
…But do I live or do I die?
It’s about time to know.