Autumn leaves and noticing all the changes in the new season!

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It's autumn! Falling leaves, cold weather, scarves, boots and shorter days...finally! It's the season for candles, blankets and cosy evenings with a cup of tea in front of the TV. It's the season for warmer pajamas, fluffy socks and, of course, it's PUMPKIN season! I've been waiting for autumn for what feels like an eternity. I've been on a mental countdown ever since the beginning of August, and I could not be happier with the fact that the 'pumpkin-spice-everything-season' is finally here! August felt like the longest month ever!

I've been closely monitoring the trees as they change colours, and every day it feels like the shades are shifting from green to yellow, to orange and finally red. Each day, more leaves fall; the pavements are just a tiny bit more covered in red and brown, and I long for the feeling of walking on crunching leaves every minute of every day!

Besides wanting to experience autumn outdoors all over again, I am also excited for Halloween. Now that we've got our own house and it finally feels like home, I am dying to decorate the kitchen, living room and hall with pumpkins, lots of candles, blankets and autumnal wreaths in tones of orange and the list goes on!

Arts and crafts almost feel like an autumnal activity to me. Apart from Christmas, of course, I don't think I'd ever feel the need to make Spring wreaths and decorate the house with fresh flowers to celebrate the new season. But...there's just something about autumn...

I have never decorated my own autumn wreaths for autumn, but as soon as I saw that the café near our old home was hosting an event called An Introduction To Seasonal Journaling, I couldn't help but get a ticket. At the end of the day, what could be better than spending an autumn evening creating your own Seasonal Journal to take home? At the event, they'll show us simple binding techniques to create our journals, and then we are free to decorate them using a range of art mediums, finishing everything off with ideas, tips and inspiration on how to fill our journals. How great does this sound?

The idea behind the event, according to the café , is to encourage us to start observing small seasonal shifts around us, document them and find ourselves becoming more in tune with the natural world. Not only do they provide all the materials, I also think this will be an incredibly fun evening! The event will be at the end of this month, on the 15th, and I am really looking forward to it.

Until then, and since there's a few weeks of waiting to get through first, I thought I'd document some of the changes in the season with my camera.

Autumn is looking different this year. I have been looking through my photos from last year, and the year before that, and I noticed that the trees started changing colours much later this year. At the beginning of September last year, most trees were already showing their shades or orange and red. But it feels like this year the leaves have simply died without having the chance to go through such transformation and change colours.

I don't know if it's because we've had very little rain during the summer, or if it's because our autumn here in the UK started later than usual. We have had one of the hottest summers in a long time, and I think that could have influenced how this autumn is developing this year. Either way, I was happy to return to the same spots from last year, and photograph the changes.

Even though the weather has been really good this summer, at the moment it's definitely taking a turn. The nights are definitely getting colder, and I confess I've had the heater on both at work and at home a few times now.

Even though it was harder to find than last year, I did also come across with some interesting 'rainbow foliage'. I was having so much fun photographing nature around me that I ended up photographing also a few random objects and interesting close-ups, just for fun.

As the sun set that evening, the temperature dropped to seven degrees and a massive raincloud was approaching, so I had to head back to my car pretty quickly. However, since it's Friday, I'm planning to take a lot more photographs of my surroundings this weekend.

As soon as I got home in the evening, the first thing I did was a massive cup of tea to warm me up. Then, I got into my pyjamas and relaxed until bed time.

I am very excited about a few exciting things coming up this weekend, but I will share everything with you very, very soon. Stay tuned!





Beautiful photos!! Gotta love the fall <3
:) Thank you. It's my favourite season! Unless it snows. Nothing can beat that! Haha! 😊 x