An autumn trip to Gibside

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I wish the UK celebrated Autumn and Halloween like the US. I honestly think there's nothing prettier than seeing house porches decorated with Autumn wreaths, carved pumpkins, garlands and all sorts of other decorations. And I wish it was easier to find pumpkin patches near where I live. Somewhere I could go to pick my own pumpkins, squashes and every other seasonal veggies. If there's a season to be doing it in, it's Autumn!

I've been wanting to go Pumpkin picking for a while, but not only has it been hard finding a place to do it (there are several farms around the area I live in, but unfortunately the pumpkin patches are miniature ones, designed for children to sit on and take a quick picture with tiny little pumpkins...), it's also been hard to find a day when it isn't raining. The weather for the last few weekends simply hasn't been nice to me. I can't complain, though, since I am looking forward to some snow and colder weather.

When we arrived at Gibside, I was excited and had my camera ready for some nice pictures with all the pumpkins! I had a vision of what I wanted to do and the type of pictures I wanted to take.

As soon as we arrived at reception, we were given the exciting news that because we are National Trust Members, we wouldn't have to pay for our visit! I was very happy about that! We grabbed a brochure and a map, and off we went.

Most people turned left, but we spotted a sign saying 'pumpkin trail', so we decided to head in that direction instead.

I was excited, especially after reading the cute sign at the start of the trail. I couldn't wait to reach the pumpkin patches, so I could pick some squashes and pumpkins and, of course, take some photos.

However, the more we walked through the woods...the more confused I was! But...where were all the pumpkins??? Did we take the wrong route? Are we in the right place?

We kept on going, and in the back of my mind I was wishing for a silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel....the reward of a million pumpkins waiting for me in a massive field. 'Maybe just after this bunch of trees, there's a pumpkin patch...?' I kept wishing for the gran finale!

...Nothing but a few cute sculptures hidden away in the middle of the woods. Oh, and trees! Lots and lots of trees.

I thought we had to be in the wrong place, but families with kids kept following us, which led me to believe that we had to be going in the right direction.

We headed back down and I stopped at reception to ask for a leaflet and where the pumpkins were at. And that's when they hit me with 'we don't actually have a pumpkin patch. There are no pumpkins!' But I was sure I'd seen children walking away with pumpkins in the car park...

Turns out, they sell the pumpkins at reception...(even though they only had two in display on one of the shelves!).

I was very disappointed as we drove away and tried to consider other places to go to. But there weren't any other places! After all, it was the 28th October, and most of the pumpkin fields were now filled with Strawberries. No squashes anywhere, farms were closed, I was hopeless!

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, we tried to make other plans to make up for the lack of pumpkins, but these also went down the drain!

We planned on going to see the new movie A Star is Born, which I've been dying to see for ages. So we stopped at home to get some proper shoes and get extra layers of clothing, since the weather was definitely getting cooler. We chilled in the house for half an hour, then left for the cinema, with plenty of time to spare. What we didn't account for was the fact that two of the major bridges in Newcastle were closed for the day, so traffic was a nightmare! We didn't make it to the cinema on time! I was so frustrated, I couldn't believe it! The next session was three hours away, and I simply wasn't in the mood to wait around anymore. I just wanted to go home.

We ended up going to Tesco to do some bits of shopping for the week, including some Halloween treats in case we get trick or treaters knocking on our door on Wednesday, then we headed straight back home.

I hate when things don't go to plan, and I honestly felt like the whole Sunday was a complete write-off! No pumpkin, no pictures with pumpkins, no pumpkin field, rain, no cinema, horrible traffic...I just wanted to crawl back to bed and live under the duvet for the rest of the day. And that's what I did. I watched a few movies on the TV, and called it a day.

Not every day is perfect, and sometimes things don't got to plan. And that's alright! As for the rest, we will be going to the cinema this evening, and I'm just going to have to try to get some pumpkins from a farm next year. There's always next year, right?