A trip to London: Hotel, Breakfast & Job Training

I arrived super early at the Newcastle Train station. My boyfriend Bruno dropped me off. We stopped at Costa's for some coffee, but we drank it in the car, as there were no seats, and it was cold and raining. I ended up choosing a tea, as I was already anxious for the journey. Plus, my body doesn't handle caffeine too well. I get super dizzy and have trouble breathing after drinking strong coffee.

I got my tickets printed off, and at 15:59 my train departed. Destination: London! On Wednesday I would have my first days of training in London for my new job in Gateshead. The company paid for all my expenses during this trip. I took a Virgin train, and was surprised with the comfort of the journey. The only downside to it was that once I got on the train, all the tables were taken. So I had to sit on the normal seats. Also, the Internet was paid. The train was comfortable, but I have to confess I was praying for someone to get off at the next stop so I could do my ´shot gun´ move on one of the tables and work on some writing. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

The view was incredible, but all my photographic attempts were a disaster. The train was going so fast that all my pictures ended up being blurry, even with this better camera I now have. I wish I could have some pictures from the whole journey to show you, but they were all honestly ruined. So…unless you´re a fan of abstractionism…

The sunset was beautiful. I loved how the sun was shining through the clouds.

The journey was very calm and relaxed. Once I got to London I had to take the Piccadilly Line from King's Cross and O-M-G. I know I only moved to Gateshead about a month ago…but that train was packed like crazy! Not an extra fly would have been able to fit in. I was shocked with how people were running up and down the stairs. It was sad to know that those people were acting exactly like I did right up until about a month ago. Constantly rushing for no reason, running because they see others running, living stressful lives that will cost them wrinkles and misery. On the other hand, of course, it is London after all. It wouldn't be the same London I know if the platforms weren't always packed, and people pushing each other up and down the stairs. There was this moment when I was carrying my suitcase on the platform, and this gentleman who also had a suitcase walked passed me and completely ran me over with his huge suitcase – it was almost as if he was packing for a lifetime! I was unfortunately reminded of how rude people can be in London. This man didn't apologize. Didn't even look at me to see what he'd done or ask if I was okay. Londoners are so focussed in living their own pathetic lives they don't notice anyone or anything around them. And again, that stressful routine makes them do things like this.

As soon as I arrived to Fulham station I had to go and get something to eat! I was starving. I stopped at Sainsbury's, and bought a salad and a dressing for dinner. I also bought a chilled coffee and a sandwich for breakfast, as I wasn't sure if the Hotel would provide breakfast.

I arrived at the Millenium Hotel in Fulham at around 7:30pm.

Once I saw the outside of the Hotel I immediately got excited. The minute I walked in and made my way to reception I wasn't sure what to expect. The lady who took care of my check in was incredibly nice. She gave me my room key, and guided me to the elevators. My floor was immaculate!

Once I got off the lift, I followed the indications to my room. I loved the design and colours of the walls. It felt so relaxing….I kept getting more and more impressed!

Once I got to my room I felt like I was in paradise! The beds were so comfortable that I can't remember the last time I had slept so well in my entire life! I loved the design of the room, the little details and paintings on the walls, the towels in the bathroom carefully rolled up. Everything was so clean and organized. I had a TV and fridge I could use. I felt like a little kid taking pictures of everything!

At about 10pm I went to bed. I wish I could have slept like a baby through the night – especially because that mattress and pillows were the best I´ve ever slept on! But unfortunately, I was so anxious and nervous for not knowing how my training would go that I ended up falling asleep only at around 3am.

My room had two single beds, but I still slept super comfortably, even if not much. The next morning I woke up to find out there was a breakfast room! Oh…breakfast! My favourite meal of the day. I really wanted to have taken my camera with me and take a lot of pictures of the food, but the room was very crowded and I didn´t want to look like a psychopath. Plus, I was really looking forward to my cup of coffee. I did take some pictures with my iphone though.

I ate a few unhealthy things, but we are all allowed days like this every now and then! ;) That coffee was precious! On my way out of the restaurant, I took a few pictures of the hallway.

After breakfast I headed up to my training at the Pizza Express Academy Centre. The training finished by 3pm, and I used that time to meet up with my friend Sara from London and catch up with a coffee. We went to Starbucks and I got a skinny latte. She had a hot chocolate and a raspberry/white chocolate muffin. I love the new Starbucks cups designed by baristas from all over the world. It's such a great idea, and the cups look adorable!

My first day of training was pretty relaxed and easy. The second day was a little bit more intense. Being the way that I am, I started panicking half way through because of the time of my train back to Gateshead! I must be the worst person when it comes to time related stress. I am obsessed! I always make sure I wake up at least 3 hours before my shifts so I have time to shower, get dressed, eat and leave the house…and…if by any chance I accidentally forget something or leave something behind…I still need to have time to go back home, grab it, and make it to work on time! This is my life´s philosophy. So, as you can imagine, I always get to work about an hour earlier. That gives me time for another coffee, and to relax before my shifts start. I love being able to do that.

By the end of the second day, I made my way back to King's Cross St. Pancras station and got on the 6:00pm train back to Newcastle. I have two things to say about this journey: first…my seat was a table seat! YES! I got to pull my computer out and write throughout the entire journey. Second…Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the train for "sunset/photography lovers". I genuinely have to say I have witnessed the best sunset I've ever seen in my entire life, and wasn't even able to take pictures, because of the train movement and because there were people sitting next to me. I tried to grab my camera and zoom it to the other side of the train, but all I got on my pictures was a bald headed and some nice but blurry colours of the sky. But just so you have an idea….it was already pretty dark, and the sun was so low, practically disappearing. But it looked just like a giant fire ball. The sky was red, orange and dark blue all at the same time. It was already night, but the sun was still going down, and so the sky had these layers of different colours...It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

I got home super tired. I just wanted to go to bed but the day after I had my first day of actual practical training at the Gosforth restaurant. I´m going to be there for two weeks, until I permanently move to the metro centre restaurant. I hope you didn't find this post too boring, I will keep you updated with any news. Take care.





Nice story, it's like traveling with u
Sara from London. I'm from Portugal, girl ! But I know what you meant ahahah
Nice blog you have here ! And love the name 😊
Thanks Sarocas 😉