A long weekend

I was lucky enough to be given a long weekend from work, which meant three days off that I could use to organise and clean the house, go grocery shopping for the week, cook and meal prep for the week ahead, do some photography and get a haircut. I had loads of plans! On Saturday, however, I was feeling very poorly. I wasn’t feeling completely ill, but my nose was all blocked and itchy, I was cold, and even though I didn’t have any sore throat or fever, I kept sneezing and sneezing...and this carried on until Tuesday morning. I am still not sure if this was due to cat allergies or an actual cold. I took both medicines just in case...

On Friday I was feeling lazy and pretty ill, so I just stayed in bed watching Disney Life. (No judging, please!)

I woke up at 3:45am on Saturday morning to go to ASDA and pick up some groceries. I don’t like the queues and mess of going later on during the day or afternoon. I enjoy those empty roads and the freedom of a night drive to the grocery stores. No traffic, no people...I put the radio on and it felt like heaven! And, of course, I also love those empty supermarket corridors! I have always felt like an early bird type of person, and even if I’m being particularly lazy one day, I would always prefer to do things early in the mornings rather than late at night. I get really tired and sleepy at night, and going out to do things late at night makes me grumpy. So I put on my coat and drove to ASDA. It was freezing outside at 4am. I bought some apples, almonds, broccoli, leeks, rice noodles, pineapples and some cleaning products.

After picking up my groceries, I went back home to bake some apples with raisins and almonds in the oven for about 30 minutes. My boyfriend worked from Friday evening all the way through to Saturday morning. He finished work at 5am on Saturday, so once he got home from work at around 5am, breakfast was ready!

I also entered a ‘cooking mode’ and I was determined to meal prep for the week ahead. I cooked the broccoli, rice noodles and some veggies burgers and rice, so I wouldn’t have to go anywhere near that stove any time soon.

I started feeling really poorly again, and I had to stay in bed for the rest of the day. Maybe it wasn’t a smart choice, considering everything I had left to do (wash the dishes, clean the kitchen...), but luckily I knew I had Monday off from work, so I promised myself to catch up with house work on Sunday. I preferred to rest and try to feel better.

On Sunday morning I woke up really early again. I decided it was about time I cleaned the kitchen. I was feeling slightly better, but my nose was very itchy and I was still sneezing a lot. I took some medicines after breakfast and I ended up having a very productive Sunday morning. I put the dishes in the dishwasher, did my laundry, and cleaned my messy kitchen. I made sure my living room and kitchen were spot on! The house was finally starting to feel like a house again. And look like one too. I lit some candles around the living room and kitchen, and I made a nice cup of tea once I was done. I loved how clean and tidy everything finally was.

While I was cleaning, Pickle was starring at the living room window watching the birds and keeping me company. I obviously couldn’t resist and took a few pictures of him.

At around 11am, I went to the Metrocentre hoping for a haircut that was way overdue. My hair is so long right now I can’t even brush it after I shower. It’s a nightmare. I normally have about 2 haircuts a year, and I think the last time I had one was a very long time ago. I have split ends and my hair is not looking healthy at all. Unfortunately for me, once I got to the Metrocentre, the place was packed with people! When I asked the hairdresser how long it would take until it was my turn, she said at least an hour. I thought ‘Okay, I’m already here...I can go and do some shopping or drink some coffee while I wait’. But then she said ‘we don’t do bookings. You need to sit and wait’. Hmm...If there were any seats available I actually might have considered staying, but quite frankly I was not in the mood for waiting, and I wasn’t feeling 100% either. I bought a few things in Poundland and Wilko including a few candles, and drove myself back home, hoping to be able to go back on Tuesday or Wednesday and be luckier with the queues.

I did some photography in the evening and edited the pictures. I went outside for two minutes in the evening to try and take some pictures of the riverside walk. I love that time of the day when the last bit of daylight is showing in the sky. It's one of my favourite times of the day to photograph. I took a couple of shots and came straight back home. It was raining a lot!

I took this picture with the miniature London bus that I am obsessed with, and I really like how it turned out. ​I took some more pictures of the neighborhood, but the weather was really not ideal.

Later on in the evening I lit the candles, enjoyed another cup of tea and went to bed really early.

What about you? What did you do this bank holiday weekend?