A good week: Walks in the sunshine, healthy meals and enjoying spring!

Spring is finally here! Yes, I know it's been around for a couple of weeks now, but trust me when I say that in the UK it felt nothing like spring at the end of March. The weather was cold and miserable, rainy, windy, and we even had sleet and snow at night, and even during the day! Fast forward to mid-April, and the sun has been shining, we've been having blue sky and sunny weather, although it is still pretty cold.

The clocks have gone forward on the very last day of March, so I have been enjoying longer days and shorter nights, and I'm loving it. As much as I love snow, cold and winter, I'm ready for some sunshine and change of scenery. I want the trees to bloom, the sun to set at 9pm; I want to go for walks along the river; I want to feel the warmth of the sun against my skin. I am ready for lighter clothes and for coffee dates in the evenings while the sun sets. I want to plan and go on bigger hikes, walks and drives on the weekends. There's so much more you can plan to do with your days, and there's nothing more rewarding than finishing work during the week and having enough light and sunshine to still manage to go for a walk, without complete darkness.

This week has been super busy at work, but I still had time to enjoy Spring, make some delicious recipes, go for walks and coffee. So, without further ado, let's get onto this recap post!

On Tuesday, after work, I went shopping for groceries: lots of veggies, including lettuce, spinach, sweet peppers, beetroot and carrots. I also picked up some sushi rice, nori sheets, cucumbers and green beans. I made a huge salad for dinner. This creation had romaine lettuce, green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet peppers, chickpeas and homemade beet chips. I topped it all off with some vegan mayo and grated vegan cheese, and it was delicious.

On Thursday evening, I was craving sushi, so I decided to make it, with a twist. I liked the idea of holding the sushi in my hands, and since sushi sandwiches are now a thing, I decided to give them a go myself!

These were delicious! I used carrots, cucumber, beetroot, avocado and rocket for the inside, and dipped them in a little bit of soy sauce. I also sprinkled a little bit of pink pitaya and blue spirulina on top, just for fun and more colour.

It's been a calmer week at work, for once. I've still had lots to take care of, but it felt as though I've had the time to plan things in advance, and not many unplanned tasks had to be completed last minute.

It is now Friday, the weekend is coming, and I have exciting plans for the next couple of days. Since I was in such good mood today, I decided to go for a walk and coffee in the evening, and take my camera along. The goal? I wanted to focus on Spring and photograph the beauty of the season with the lens. I made it my mission to really take the time to relax and wander around, photographing without the pressure or deadlines I seemed to get so used to these days. I missed doing it for fun!

It's funny how relaxing going for a walk and paying attention to details in nature can be. One of my favourite things to do is still going out on walks and hikes, looking for the smallest of details.

This week has been challenging but fun, and I've got lots of exciting plans for the weekend...so stay tuned, because all will be revealed very, very soon!





The salad looks insane! So good! x