A day in the life of Pickle, the cat

1.00 am – ‘Whoo hooo! Let’s run up and down the stairs with my brother Ozzy! Let’s make noise and wake up our neighbours. The party is just getting started!

2.00 am – ‘I think I partied too hard. I feel exhausted. Where’s my bed? I need sleep to regain my strength.’

4.30 am – ‘Here I am sleeping in this cosy and warm bed. Don’t I look cute?’

5.00 am – ‘It’s 5am and I wake up because I am super hungry! My bowl is only half full. What if I starve to death? Let’s wake everybody up before I’m too weak to meow!’

5.01 am – ‘My bowl is now full. I don’t plan on eating, just a little bite, because I’m not that hungry. But if I do get hungry, I know I won’t starve. My bowl is full! I am a happy kitten!’

5.20 am – ‘I am curled up in bed, sleeping my stress away in this warm and comfy blanket, and I don’t plan on moving for the next few hours.’

8.00 am – ‘Oh, the sun has come up and there’s birds singing! Wait…BIRDS? WHERE? WHERE? I’M GONNA GETCHA! COME HERE, YOU! I will jump at this window as high as I can until I get you! Who cares if I ruin the blinders…Brother Ozzy, help me out here!’

10.00 am – ‘Let’s get some food. I partied way too hard last night and this chasing birds thing has drained me. I feel so exhausted and I don’t know why. Let’s grab a bite and go back to sleep…because life is hard!’

12.00 pm – ‘Is that the sun? Wow, let me go downstairs and sunbathe while I stare into the garden. I love to watch the birds, flies and ants near the window and attack them in my imagination! Sometimes it gets too real and I hit my nose against the window…’

1 pm – ‘Play time with mom! I love this toy, it is my favourite! It’s got feathers! FEATHERS! YUUUUUM! I could do this forever…’

2.00 pm – ‘I am exhausted from all the playing. I might need another long nap. Being a cat is no easy task.’

4.00 pm – ‘I am sleeping on top of fresh, dry, washed clothes because life doesn’t get better than this. Of course once mom sees all the hair I’ve left on the clothes she is never happy. But I play a baby-eyes card and she lets it go. Learn, kids!’

5.00 pm – ‘Wait, it’s getting dark again. That means it’s time for food. Let’s meow until mommy realizes it’s time for food because it’s dark, even though it’s only 5 pm! MEOOOOOW! MEOOW! MEEEEOOOOOOOOW! I think it’s working….’

6.00 pm – ‘Daddy is cooking something. I smell tuna! Gimme some, gimme some! Come on, please, look at me! Down here! That’s it! Gimme some TUNAAAAAA!’

6.03 pm – ‘Pfff….it only took me a whole 3 minutes of begging and I got myself some tuna. And…that’s how it’s done! When’s dinner, again? Kinda starving, here…MEOOOOW!’

7.00 pm – ‘Okay this has gone too far now. MOOOOM! GIMME SOME FOOOOOOOD! IT’S TIME! IT’S TIIIIIIME! MEEEEEOOOOOW! It’s like midnight already! Do you want me to starve??? Helloooooo???’

7.02 pm – ‘Wet food? Is it wet food? OMG OMG OMG OMG MY FAVOURITE! I’m gonna shove my face in this!!!!’

7.03 pm – ‘I show up downstairs because I wasn’t that hungry after all. But at least my bowl is full and I won’t die of starvation…’

8.00 pm – ‘I am sleeping again.’

9.00 pm – 10.00 pm – ‘Time for some TV in bed! Let me get comfy and bathe.’

11.00 pm – ‘It’s bed time! Zzzzzz…. how long ‘til I’m given food again?? I wonder if there’ll be tuna for me tomorrow…*yaaaawn*’

‘Thank you for reading about my day. This post was sponsored by me, Pickle the cat! Have a nice week!’



This is adorable. I love it! 😃 x
Thank you 🙈🤗