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Some inspiration for fall! I am currently trying to downsize my wardrobe and turn it into a capsule wardrobe. Since moving to the UK I have only had a very small wardrobe cause there's only so much you can fit into a suitcase! However, it's been an eyeopener about how little I actually need. So the last couple of weeks I've been sorting through all my stuff and are planning on donating almost all of it (some things have stains so don't think nobody want them). I've been using a few guidelines to know which pieces I love and which ones are just filling up my wardrobe and making me feel like I have nothing to wear.

1. Do I love it?
If you don't love it, or if it isn't a great basic piece, then does it deserve a place in your wardrobe? I think that what you put on your body affects a great deal of your mood and therefor I just want to wear thing that makes me feel fantastic!

2. Does it fit me/does it flatter my body?
You should wear what you think looks good on you. Trends are great but learn what flatters your body and what makes you feel good and comfortable and stick with it. Maybe you like yourself in high waisted jeans or in dresses or in short sleeved tops. Whatever makes you feel bomb!

After getting rid of some things and clearing up some space I am allowed to go shopping, woop woop! I have started using Polyvore to create my Basic Capsule Wardrobe and also to figure out some extra pieces that fit me and my style and that adds a little zing to an otherwise very basic and versatile wardrobe. Might sound a little boring, but that's what I like since it makes it really easy (and therefor fun!) to style myself in the morning everyday.



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