i'm just gonna update you with some wanties. I have to dream myself away when it's stressful times. Exams... 

I have gotten into decoration and glasses, bowls and so on. Bloomingville is a new favorite mark. That Chris-glass (in the picture) is a big wantie. 😍



The breakfasts went well, even if I wasn't as creative as I hoped. The weather has been really bad so that's why I haven't been eating outside☔️😖. Here's the food😋😉

Day number 1: A cantaloupe melon with Greek yoghurt, blueberries and granola. I drank orange juice and coffee☺️

Day number 2: I tested a smoothie bowl for the first time. I made a smoothie with frozen raspberries. I made myself limonade/juice with mint leaves.

Day 3 I made chia seed pudding the night before with a bread and avocado. 🍈

This day the breakfast wasn't my main focus if we say so😜. I was leaving to the city early. But I made myself Greek yoghurt with blueberries and nuts.

And today I made banana pancakes to honor the last day of freedom😍😜. I also made ice coffee😋

The first day was actually my favorite cause it was an interesting experience to eat it that way😋



The school begins in 5 days for me, and I have decided to make the most out of these days. So I am going to challenge myself and make myself a delicious and interesting breakfast every day. Here I have some inspiration😋. I will update you about how the challenge went later☺️.



To get my motivation for blogging up, I made myself som ice tea and went out to our hammock. 😍

My morning plans was to pack from the morning and then go to the beach. Noting of that is done, and I am actually getting in quite a hurry, cause I have car school four o'clock(it's three o'clock now). Then I am going to the meeting. And tomorrow we leave for Helsinki!!💃🏼
A strange thing is, that I have had so much plans these last weeks that I don't even have an urge to go on a trip. And I am such a kid that always nerve my parents cause I have to have some plans every day😂.
I have realized, that I love my weekdays just as much as I love the weekends. And that's such a relief, cause Mondays ain't a problem anymore☺️😅. I love to work hard, learn stuff, go in service and to spend time with my family. I love my life!😍



I have often expressed how hard I experience it to live on the country. No busses, no driver license, long distance to friends and so on. And it's all true. But nothing comes up to eat your breakfast in pajama outside and I totally love to be able to just walk in five minutes and then have the most beautiful view ever in front of me! I can just let the dog free and sit enjoying the sunset😍



Good morning🖐🏼
Long time ago I wrote here again🙀. My month has been very stressful but funny. I started the month off by going on a trip to Germany. I will give you some pictures from that trip too. We were on a visit to some friends who had moved over there from Finland. Really fun to see them again!💖
The day after we came home I went for a toe-surgery😁. So after that I have had much to do with that. And now there are just two weeks left of school!!! And I have so many fun plans coming up in the future! 😍

I have plans every night this week, and I have a test on Friday. I have to figure out when I should read on that test😕. I have some free-lessons I am gonna use. 😊

Well, now I will eat my apple and stop writing here😉



Here are some pics from my trip to beautiful Poland. I realized now that I haven't done anything whit these photos in photoshop. That's maybe the worst part with having a really old computer. It's much more easier to send them through Bluetooth to the phone and use them like that. 😁

Everything is so fun right now. First we had the Poland trip. And we have a period in school right now that is a little bit easier and that means that I have time for other stuff😎. I was about to write this post a week ago, and then I had planned to write about how fun I thought it was that I got a lot of essays and trips and stuff to do, but then the "stress-limit" came up. It's so easy to do more stuff than you can, specially if you think the things you do are fun🤔. Anyways, the spring is really here now, we have about 15 degrees Celsius here right now🌞. And on Thursday Minna and I are going to Germanyyyy!! *imagine yourself me dancing my happy dance here💃🏼*

I have gotten a "blog place" here at home. Last time I blogged I laid on our guest bed, and I really felt a urge for laying here this time too😜. So now you now where I am when I blog😏



Oh, well, hello✋🏼
The time runs soo fast, I can't understand it! Last time I blogged was more than a month ago, sorry for that🙇🏼

I thought I could show you what I have been up to:

Drinking cappuccino with my friends

We went on an ski trip with some friends🎿
Ooh I wanna ski right now!!😍😞

We also got a megaboom some weeks ago and I'm in love!😍

I also wrote my first "studentskrivning" a week ago. Exitiing!😁

Love tha weather!❤️

Now I probably should go and get some food. We're gonna go watch a movie tonight. Tomorrow will I meet my lovely friend💕



Since testweek is beginning next week for me, I thought I would tell you some of my methods to learn quickly and keep the motivation up. Of course everyone is different and everything doesn't work for all, but I thought this would be a fun idea to do. School is today a big part of my life so this is very current for me. Let's get into it! ☺️📚

1. Get the motivation

This is basically about making test-reading so "fun" that you want to study. Make your desk/floor/bed so cozy and beautiful as possible. A good reason to buy new stuff too☝🏼😋.

Some easy things I use to do:

If I have colorful notes I much more want to read them again and it gets also much more fun to make notes while i study. And I learn quicker if I write down stuff🙃

-Lighting some candles is never wrong😍☺️

-Drinking tea neither😉☕️

So that's what I do to get me started and make test-reading a little bit nicer.

2. How to keep going

Even if one easily begins studying, one doesn't cope a long time, I know😉. How can one increase the time one is studying effectively?

-As the goal setting-person I am, I like to put up some time goals I have to reach before I can take a break⏱. For instance, I put the timer on 30 minutes and after that I am allowed to take a small break. You realize how few half hours you need before you are done😱.

And remember, a break is also to go to the fridge to get some food☝🏼️. I break that rule a lot! 😂

-AIRPLANE MODE IS THE BEST CREATION ON EARTH! At least during the testweeks😉😜

-And the last tip I have is to sleep much. I am trying to sleep a half hour more each night when we have tests. The brain has so much pressure on it so it totally deserves some sleep😴.

I hope these tips have been useful for you. This "life hacks" thing is new for me and for this blog too, let's see if I will do something more. What did you think? ☺️