Going to bed..

The day has gone fast, this morning started with a coffee break with 💓 before he was going to work. We did not take the same bus today either since I was going to Plantagen and work today. Actually, I should have been there yesterday. But it was locked and closed when I got there due to inventory. So I got to go over to the other workplace and work there instead true the storm. Cold as a ice but what do you not do for the job. Now tonight I have taken it easy and talked a little with my brother and on the phone with the daughter who had had a top day at Turbo here in Uppsala ..💓

Ha en fortsatt underbar dag, lev och lÄt leva..

(c)Linda Odelmar..

Har tvÄ diktsamlingar ute i butik

,Saker under huden & Nyanser av Saknad