I woke up in Gallerian and I don’t know how I got here. I don’t know  what happened to me, it hurts in my head. The last thing I remember is that Iwas in my room. And my mon got home and she started to make the food, and thensomething sharp hit my head, that is the last thing I remember. And now I am inGallerian and the only thing I can see is a police car and a machete, I startedto wonder what the car Is doing here. I can’t see anyone here, where iseverybody? I started to walk around in the Gallerian and no one is here. I am gettingscared. I went in a shop and I saw someone on the floor, I don’t know if I dareto walk there. I have my machete and I have a car, what could go wrong? I walkto the person on the floor, I see that there is someone who has bitten theperson. I get closer to the person who is bitten, I don’t know if I dare go anycloser. I have to dare to get closer, to see what the person has been bittenof. I can see that there is something with teeth. I can’t stay here anymore, Ihear someone outside the doors, and I go to the doors and look what it is. Isee that there is zombies. I have to get out of here very fast. I go to thestore and look for more weapons. I found a knife. I go to the car and I startedto wonder were I should go, I think I am going to my village, up in the northof Sweden. But I don’t know if the fuel will be enough. I get out of the carand take some money from a shop. I started the car and drove out fromGallerian. I stopped in Boden to see if there is any people, I see so muchzombies. I see someone in a window, and I started to wave and toot to theperson. She saw me, started to pack a bag whit food and other stuff. See lookedout to see If the coast is clear. I run in to the car. We started to talk andshe said that there is a safe place here. She showed me the way and I drove herthere. She went out of the car and she is running to the door. I continued todrive to my village. I drive for about 4 hours. When I got home I ran into myhouse and I saw my father stand there, he was waiting for me. And we started tosecure the house. And the zombies hadn’t got here yet. I tell him what happenedto me. And I forgot that my sister and my mother is in the apartment. I calledthem and I say that they have to come here, they started to pack the bags andthey packed a small bag for me. They run to the car and they drive here. When Isaw the car I felt relief. When they jump out the car I can see my othersiblings. The whole family was here. And the zombies haven’t got here yet. Westarted to plan how we can stop the zombies, my father said that we can shootall of them who get here. And that is a good plan. We got all the weapons andstarted to reload them, and then we just sat there and waited. I called myaunt. And they have secured the house and reloaded their weapons.  I alsocalled my grandma to see if she is safe, she wanted me to come and get her. I wentto my car and drove as fast as I could. She took her food and other stuff andwe drove back to our house. We got in the house and we sat down to eatsomething. Then the phone rang and i get up to answer and it was my cousin, heasked if they could come to our house. They came as fast as they could. Soon mywhole family was in our house. Now we can just wait for the zombies to come, ifthey come. I hope that they never come here. If they come we have to fight forall of our lives. Everyone can’t sleep at the same time. We have to take turnsto sleep. I get to sleep and then I wake up and the zombies haven’t got hereyet. Lucky me! We started to think how we can stop the zombies. I came up with anidea. It was that we could make a cure and stop the zombies. We can make someof the things that we have at home and mix it up. I started to do that. I hopewe have made that can stop the zombies.