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Hey, friends.

My name is Silas and I love everything about Fashion and Makeup. The reason I love makeup and love to have it on is because I do think it's an art, something you're trying to express through your hand, something you make up. I do not put it on because I want to be a girl or because I have low self-esteem? I only do it because I think it's an art. and it's my way of like, express things. And my meaning of art is that one day I want to be glamours, the next day, casual and the last natural. it's like, turning into, a different person every time. that's what I really like

Why do I love fashion?

I do because it is a way of express myself, actually présic the same as I wrote at the makeup reason. I really believe in this. It's my passion.

okay, guys, this was my first post. I will try to post every Tuesday and Saturday's