And welcome to my first post.

I don't really know what to say, I don't think many will actually read this but if so I'll do a short introduction.

I am ShortGingerAsian, the name is weird, I am aware but that is actually my nickname among my classmates. So yeah, I am not actually ginger, I was born with black hair which later faded into dark brown, I now have dark red/brownish hair as I coloured it a few months ago. I coloured when I was on holiday visiting my relatives and when I came back home they started commenting on how I became Ginger, and since I am half southeast asian and short... taddaaaa ShortGingerAsian came alive.

I am not going to say too much about myself but I can say a few non-private stuff.I am half European and as mentioned before half Southeast asian. We live in Europe since my dad is from here. I have two mother tongues, among them English is one. I go to an International English School in the capital of my country.

Fun fact: It started snowing November 1st and it stopped snowing just two weeks ago, super fun times. However right now it's quite sunny, 22c.

I actually have a few things I have to do for school but I, as an experienced procrastinator, will not start just yet. I feel like I'm going to get a fever soon but I hope not, I don't want to miss the last assessments in school and have to stay behind to do them #struggles

That was not so much about me, but I will continue to write as often as I feel like

Hope you have and excellent day,

ShortGingerAsian xx